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interdiscipline interdisciplinary interdiscipl * interlanguage interlanguage, interlanguage/ interlingual interlingual/ interlinguist * internal internalist, internal * internalism internation international internation * interperson interpersons, interperson * interpersonal interrelation interrelationship, interrelation * interrelations intergeneration intergenerational intergeneration * interindividual interindividualism interindividual * postcolonial postcolonialism postcolonial * postmodern postmodernism postmodern * transculture Transcultural transcultur * transdiscipline transdisciplinary transdiscipl * transform transformation, transform * transformation, etc transliterate transliteration transliterat * transnation transnational, transnation * transnationalism, etc
This is a 2nd-year/2nd-semester module focusing on interlanguage translation.
The relationship between what was learned in a foreign language and what had been acquired in the first language seems to be so complex that one cannot ascribe errors to interlanguage or to developmental sequence.
Determination: A functional dimension for interlanguage comparison.
Rauto, Eeva, "Changes in the interlanguage grammar of engineering student studying in an FL-medium programme, "Exploring dual-focused education.
Nevertheless, interlanguage habits can become fossilized, if not eventually subjected to explicit correction at a later stage.
In doing so, she ended up saying something similar to sex, which was her interlanguage bridge to the target sounds in thanks.
He also notes experimental studies that have attempted to discover whether negotiation leads to interlanguage development and whether modifications help acquisition, at least where vocabulary is concerned.
A Typological Comparison with an Interlanguage Study of the Two Languages in Contact, Turku (Turun yliopiston suomalaisen ja yleisen kielitieteen laitoksen julkaisuja 10).
The topics include tracing emotions in Russian vowels, bi-nominative sentences in Russian, the effect of grammatical gender in Russian spoken-word recognition, the interlanguage system of low-proficiency heritage Russian speakers as a basis for fast language (re)building, cultural identities among Russian-speaking immigrants of the third and fourth wave and their effects on language attitudes, and effects of language development and structure of Canadian Doukhobor internal and external migrations.
Hence, at the foundation of all reality is not just Logos, as expressed in the specific Greek and Christian cultural languages, but, on a global intercultural, interlanguage level, it is Dia-Logos/ thinking-between.
Universal Grammar in second language acquisition: the nature of interlanguage representation.