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Any of various small proteins that are produced by a variety of cell types, especially T cells and other white blood cells, and that regulate many aspects of inflammation and the immune response, including stimulating the production of white blood cells and platelets.


(Biochemistry) a substance extracted from white blood cells that stimulates their activity against infection and may be used to combat some forms of cancer


(ˈɪn tərˌlu kɪn)
any of a family of small proteins that participate in the body's defense system, esp. by promoting the growth and activation of white blood cells.
[1979; inter- + leuk (ocyte) + -in1; so called because such proteins act as agents of communication between different populations of leukocytes]
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Noun1.interleukin - any of several lymphokines that promote macrophages and killer T cells and B cells and other components of the immune system
lymphokine - a cytokine secreted by helper T cells in response to stimulation by antigens and that acts on other cells of the immune system (as by activating macrophages)
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