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in·ter·line 1

tr.v. in·ter·lined, in·ter·lin·ing, in·ter·lines
To insert between printed or written lines.

in′ter·lin′e·a′tion (-lĭn′ē-ā′shən) n.

in·ter·line 2

tr.v. in·ter·lined, in·ter·lin·ing, in·ter·lines
To fit (a garment) with an interlining.
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Additionally, any alteration, erasure, or interlineation of the bid may be cause for its rejection.
12, 38), with no abbreviation intended 2 vs y-torne] there are possibly traces of an interlineation above and between these words (a word such as `all' might have been inserted), but no reading is recoverable 3 pis] MS [p.
The interlineation of "[ca]tapult has given place to cannon" (l.
Either way, one wonders whether the utility of the book might have been better served by the kind of enhanced connectivity between texts afforded by a hypertext format, in which the numerous blank pages and much of the symbolism and interlineation could be replaced by point-and-click links between the manuscripts and their revisions.
My hope is that nothing significant has been missed, but LR 6/154/9 is a large manuscript, crammed with interlineations, cancellations, and added phrases, which may contain minor details about spending on the masque.
The quoted passage seems to have been smoothly and fully written out, without interlineations, before the deleted words were crossed out.
The volume's editorial apparatus is thorough and useful, containing edition and volume introductions by Spanier and Trogdon, respectively; a foreword by Linda Patterson Miller; maps of Oak Park, northern Michigan, Paris, and Europe; a chronology; and explanations of spelling choices, punctuation, interlineations, abbreviations, and other editorial matters.
Except for the handwritten interlineations made on April 28, 2003, Ceglia made no changes to the agreement after printing it on April 25, 2003.
A tangle of squiggles denoting either a river or a slope face of indeterminate orientation touches the arc of the road symbol before it disappears into the dark interlineations of letters and hachures on the way to Italy.
6) Of some moments from Kean's Lear ("single hits here and there"), for instance, Hazlitt says that "they might be compared to interlineations of the character, rather than parts of the text" (18:336).
A student of Hopkins can see, for example, all the underlinings, interlineations, and crossed-out passages, so that the evolutions and suppressions of thought are evident.