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An extra lining between the outer fabric and regular lining of a garment.


(Clothing & Fashion) the material used to interline parts of garments, now often made of reinforced paper


(ˈɪn tərˌlaɪ nɪŋ)

1. an inner lining placed between the ordinary lining and the outer fabric of a garment.
2. material used for this purpose.
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With the Hansel brand, Freudenberg is developing its strengths in interlinings," days Mohsen Sohi, speaker of the Freudenberg Group board of management.
Janet Kidner, the course lecturer at the Hinckley campus, said: ``People may have heard of the brand name with regard to floor mops and cleaning cloths but they play a big part in the fashion industry by supplying a wide range of interlinings which provide support for the garments we wear each day.
Its properties are ideally suited to a wide range of textiles products, said Freidhelm Brandau, division leader of interlinings at the Freudenberg Nonwoven Group.
Platamid copolyamide hotmelts are used for fusible interlinings for the garment industry.
Located just Off Route 46, 200 Maltese Drive is fully leased to Precision Custom Coatings, a producer and supplier of non-woven and knitted fusible interlinings, The 34-year-old building serves as the company's production and distribution facility and headquarters; it includes 21,000 s/f of office space.
Ten Cates Permess provides interlinings for shirts, blouses and other garments for major manufacturers.
The obtained theoretical relationships were confirmed experimentally by finding proper mechanical properties of fusible interlinings (y) on the basis of which bilayer textile systems with mechanical properties (z) falling into the allowable value range of the KES-F quality chart could be composed.
Scalter was first established in Buenos Aires in November 1950 when it began making woven fabrics for wool interlinings.
com/research/lzhr5j/global) has announced the addition of the "Global Interlinings & Linings Industry Report 2015" report to their offering.
The name Vlieseline is the original given to the nonwoven interlinings when they were created in Weiheim in 1948.
According to the company, the Vilene interlinings outperform even the strictest regulations on the use of pollutants in clothing.
Technical Fabrics in Europe posted mixed results with a poor performance in interlinings, down 6.