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intr.v. in·ter·med·dled, in·ter·med·dling, in·ter·med·dles
To interfere in the affairs of others, often officiously; meddle.

[Middle English entermedlen, from Old French entremedler : entre-, between (from Latin inter-; see inter-) + medler, to mix; see meddle.]

in′ter·med′dler n.
References in classic literature ?
I had sought shelter at Wuthering Heights, almost gladly, because I was secured by that arrangement from living alone with him; but he knew the people we were coming amongst, and he did not fear their intermeddling.
The contests of the Greeks always afforded a pleasing opportunity to that powerful neighbor of intermeddling in their affairs.
They offered me their patronage on condition of my entering the Church; I declined both the terms and the recompence; I withdrew from my cold uncles, and preferred throwing myself into my elder brother's arms, from whose affectionate embrace I am now torn by the cruel intermeddling of a stranger--of yourself, in short.
32) The corollary to this perception is a historic distaste of officious intermeddling by nonparties, especially for a profit.
from intermeddling with the Indian tribes, to the utmost limit of the
Moreover, the fact that the United States attempts to benefit from UNCLOS without joining the Convention also enhances the perception that the United States remains an intermeddling hegemon with little interest in true partnership with regional nations.
1990) (defining "maintenance" as "[a]n officious intermeddling in a lawsuit by a non-party by maintaining, supporting or assisting either party, with money or otherwise, to prosecute or defend the litigation").
and avoid schismatic state intermeddling in foreign policy.
Addressing the roll signing ceremony of newly enrolled lawyers of the Supreme Court here on Saturday, he said, in the present state of affairs in Pakistan, the judiciary is, at times, criticized for intermeddling in the routine affairs of the State.
It involves the power of violating all the laws and constitutions of the States, and of intermeddling with their police.
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