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Noun1.intermittency - the quality of being intermittent; subject to interruption or periodic stopping
unregularity, irregularity - not characterized by a fixed principle or rate; at irregular intervals
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They said that the intermittency problem - the sun isn't always shining - would prevent solar from ever replacing coal and gas.
6 gigawatts across the world's most attractive, high growth renewable energy markets, In addition, SolarReserve has commercialized a proprietary advanced solar thermal technology with integrated energy storage that solves the intermittency issues experienced with other renewable energy sources.
The storage facility would be able to offer adequate electricity for 5,000 households per day and would smooth out the intermittency related to wind power generation.
Renewable energy is taking a lead worldwide and with advanced energy storage technology we can both solve the problem of intermittency and make the grid more resilient.
This means that the power utilities have to invest heavily on backup power generators using gas or coal and also in Transmission & Distribution (T&D) network upgrades to handle intermittency.
Next to infinite fall and choppy movement, a discussion of Freud's treatment of anxiety further excavates another of anxiety's essential characteristics: the intermittency of movement.
We see these increasingly huge follies requiring great amounts of conventional power back-up (parasitic energy) just to keep them turning because of intermittency.
It's clear there is a need for better monitoring and management of the grid to run its current assets at their most efficient, and future need to store energy to smooth the intermittency caused from renewable power generation.
FURTHER to letters from "Gez of Rhyl" and Trefor Davies regarding wind turbines; the former talks more sense when he mentions the obvious flawed intermittency of wind turbines.
Chapter three treats generation of electricity from harnessed marine energy, including hookup of primary energy capture systems to generators, the electrical grid, and issues of intermittency.
Desalination is an ideal use of renewables, because intermittency is not a problem due to the fact that water can be stored easily and relatively cheaply.
The problem of the intermittency of most methods of renewable energy generation has been solved by American scientists who developed a new type of battery which can store several days' production from wind farms, then release the energy when required.