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Noun1.intermittency - the quality of being intermittent; subject to interruption or periodic stopping
unregularity, irregularity - not characterized by a fixed principle or rate; at irregular intervals
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Globally, the main challenges to implement clean energy strategies are funds and prices, the efficiency and intermittency of renewable energy, regulatory and legislative frameworks; engagement with the private sector; and capacity building.
The utility firm aims to be the first distribution utility firm to deploy a grid-scale BESS in the distribution system in the Philippines to demonstrate the potential of BESS to manage peak demand and energy, improve service reliability and power quality, and compensate for the intermittency of renewable generation.
Then there's that old chestnut about intermittency - the fact that the wind comes and goes.
The technology could enable a new generation of plants that provide clean power, without the development risks of nuclear, the geographic restrictions of hydroelectric, or the intermittency issues of solar and wind.
Considering the advances of PCR on the detection of carriers in leptospirosis, this study aimed to analyze the occurrence of intermittency on leptospiral shedding in naturally and experimentally infected animals.
Our Active Core Technology boosts reliability over the battery's lifespan and reduces hearing aid intermittency issues," said Janna Rose, vice president of battery technology for Spectrum Brands.
Refrigeration systems also have a role to play in softening the effect of intermittency on the grid.
Intermittency is not the only difficulty created by the Energiewende.
The clean and flexible characteristics of these power plants also make them ideal partners in the move towards a low carbon world by stabilizing the grid amid any concern on intermittency, particularly from renewable energy plants like wind and solar as we can easily ramp up to meet the energy demands when needed,' First Gen president and COO Puno said.
Engineers clearly recognise the problems of the intermittency of renewable power generated from environmental sources.
Considering the potential intermittency of this resource, it is not currently considered as firm capacity.
Battery storage has the potential to mitigate intermittency of wind energy and optimize output," Statoil said.