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Relating to transportation by more than one means of conveyance, as by truck and rail: intermodal transport.


1. (Commerce) (of a transport system) using different modes of conveyance in conjunction, such as ships, aircraft, road vehicles, etc
2. (Commerce) (of a container) able to be carried by different modes of conveyance without being unpacked
3. (Psychology) psychol denoting an interaction between different senses


(ˌɪn tərˈmoʊd l)

pertaining to transportation involving more than one form of carrier, as truck, ship, and rail.


Type of international freight system that permits transshipping among sea, highway, rail, and air modes of transportation through use of American National Standards Institute and International Organization for Standardization containers, line-haul assets, and handling equipment. See also American National Standards Institute; International Organization for Standardization.
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But in terms of an intermodal facility for containers (a terminal), we don't see that as an economically feasible concept.
But amidst that well-deserved congratulatory toasts we need to avoid becoming "Battery Centric" to the point where we begin to ignore the key intermodal transportation hubs throughout the city that will help determine whether New York remains an economically vibrant center of commerce far into the future.
Afterward, explaining the success of the supply chain process, Galluzzo blurted out, "It's an intermodal pallet.
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Situated in the South Bronx, this area of land is of special value for two reasons: (1) as a former rail yard, it has ready access for freight; and (2) the area involved - slightly less than 100 contiguous acres - makes it the only re site located within the City borders which could serve as an intermodal freight transfer center.
Intermodal Pro[TM] Includes Innovative Graphical Tools and Flexible Reporting to Boost Productivity and Reduce Operational Costs
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An appeals court has reversed a lower court ruling that halted the $300 million re-development of the former Harlem River Rail Yards as a multi-use intermodal rail transportation facility and industrial park.