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Frequency variation of two or more electromagnetic waves transmitted simultaneously through a nonlinear electronic system.


(Electronics) electronics
a. interaction between two signals in electronic apparatus such that each affects the amplitude of the other
b. (as modifier): intermodulation distortion.
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The planning required to accomplish these tasks was aided by a specialised software called Sennheiser Intermodulation Frequency Management (SIFM) which allowed the team to input the frequency ranges and receive a detailed frequency distribution plan for the building.
According to the company, the solution covers the PCS and AWS cellular frequency ranges, providing field personnel with a test system that can help ensure optimum network performance and locate PIM faults before intermodulation distortion adversely affects signal transmission.
The model explains the 10 dB/decade slope of the intermodulation products observed in two-tone testing.
When two signals with the same power level are input, the ratio of the output power levels are defined as a third-order intermodulation distortion.
Products include specialized filters, combiners, tower mounted amplifiers, Passive Intermodulation (PIM) test solutions, radio link diplexers, ferrite isolators and circulators.
Among their topics are the rate equation theory of laser diodes, applying the coupled mode theory, the spectrum of DFB laser diodes, harmonic and intermodulation distortion, noise characteristics, and fabricating and packaging DFB laser diodes.
The IT and telecom systems integrator will exhibit products from over 12 of its vendor partners and will also use the platform as an opportunity to highlight its service capabilities, which include test equipment rental, benchmarking, in-building solutions, EMF testing, passive intermodulation testing, network synchronisation audits, transmission planning, professional telecom training and IT managed services.
The halogen-free laminate combines low-loss dielectric with low-profile copper foil for reduced passive intermodulation and low insertion loss.
Kaelus, a Smiths Interconnect business announced today that as a result of best practice industry research, Frost & Sullivan has recognized Kaelus with the 2012 Global Market Share Leadership Award in Passive Intermodulation Test Equipment for capturing the highest market share within its industry.
The TB7300 offers exceptional receiver performance that matches or exceeds other DMR Tier 2 base stations on the market for sensitivity, selectivity and intermodulation performance.
NightHawk's patented split-gap motor precisely focuses the magnetic field toward the extremes of the voice-coil's travel, resulting in lower intermodulation distortion and a cleaner, more balanced overall presentation.
said it has introduced expanded offerings of low passive intermodulation (low PIM) RF cables assemblies, low PIM adapters and low PIM terminations, commonly used in indoor/outdoor commercial telecom and cellular applications as well as distributed antenna systems (DAS).

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