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 (ĭn′tər-mŏn-tān′, -mŏn′tān′)
Located between mountains or mountain systems: an intermontane glacier.


(Physical Geography) occurring or situated between mountain ranges: an intermontane basin.


(ˌɪn tərˈmɒn teɪn)

located between mountains or mountain ranges: an intermontane lake.
Sometimes, in`ter•moun′tain (-ˈmaʊn tn)
[1800–10; < Latin inter- inter- + mont-, mōns mount2]
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The combination of circumstances that have allowed the intermontane basins of New Guinea to develop a complex Neolithic agriculture may include both the early adaptations to the available environment and external influences.
There are many symbiotic coal and oil shale basins in the world, such as the Huangxian [4-9], Songjiang [10] and Heshentuoluogai [11] basins of China, the Intermontane Basin of USA [12], the Junggar Basin of China [13], the US Green River Basin [14], etc.
300 BC--AD 600) component of the Garden Creek site (Figure 2) occupies an intermontane terrace along the Pigeon River in western North Carolina, at the northern edge of the Franklin-Sylva mica district.
The impact of climate change, tectonism and hydrology on the formation of Carboniferous tropical intermontane mires: the Springhill coalfield, Cumberland Basin, Nova Scotia.
Abdullah Khan and Sarfaraz Ahmad (2010) trace metal concentration in the waters of Rivers and Ponds in valley Field Intermontane Basin In the eastern Himalayas Journal of Applied Geochemistry Volume.
This new taxon provides more evidence for an early radiation of Salvelinus in intermontane drainages of the western United States.
Fishes of the uplands and intermontane basins of Guatemala: revisionary studies and comparative geography.
boliviana, which is restricted to an isolated Andean intermontane savanna and semi-humid forest matrix (1,400-2,000 m asl) surrounded by moist montane forest in the Department of La Paz, Bolivia.
The Piceance-Yellow subbasin lies in the Intermontane Plateaus physiographic division (Figure 2).
Bulimus" limneaformis is one of the more common species of the latter part of the Cretaceous and Paleocene of the northern Great Plains and some intermontane basins.
It is situated on the western flank of the Intermontane Belt and bounded on the west by the Coast Crystalline Belt.
Thanks to frequent contributor and staff writer Richard Green of Birmingham, England for his description of Intermontane women's high-top moccasins.
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