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Adj.1.intermural - between two or more institutions etc; "an intermural track meet"
extramural - carried on outside the bounds of an institution or community; "extramural sports"
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66) The year after that, they rescheduled the intermural baseball season with other regional prison guards, to coincide with tax season.
Julian shifted certain aspects of the gallery so that his artists' works more effectively 'divest and penetrate any physical limitations and assumptions' of the gallery, a key element of intermural art.
Winning the Moot Court Argument: A Guide for Intramural and Intermural Moot Court Competitors, 41 Cap.
There were 89 cases of intermural fibroids, 31 cases of subserosal fibroids and 20 cases of submucosal fibroids.
What pushed the earlier growth spurt most likely was intermural competition in attracting a perceived scarcity of high-achieving students, especially in public institutions.
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