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Noun1.internal drive - a drive mounted inside of a computer
drive - (computer science) a device that writes data onto or reads data from a storage medium
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As you require additional storage capacity and speed, you can add up to the maximum three drives plus two drives in the G5's SATA internal drive bay giving you a total of five internal SATA drives that can be raided in the configuration of your choice.
The internal drive - HP DVD Writer dvd200i - will be available by mid-April for USD499 while the external version - HP DVD Writer dvd200e - will be available for USD599 in May.
This computer came with a single channel Ultra2 Wide controller and a 7200rpm Ultra2 Wide internal drive.
The challenges she faces would be enormous to any other person but her capabilities are so exceptional that she will work well with any and all people because she has an internal drive to be fair and honest and committed to working long and hard to get the job done.
The recorder accommodates up to three 120-GB mobile-rated hard drives (one internal drive, two attached via USB 2.
The Jaz internal drive that we tested does not require a terminator, because the Iomega SCSI card comes with a special ribbon cable that includes a terminator at the end.
The estimated street price of the StorageLoader will start at $3,400 and the Magnum drives will start at $1,550 for an internal drive and $1,890 for external drive.
The internal drive is priced at $199 MSRP and comes with Ditto Tools software (in five languages), DOS software, a Ditto DASH DX accelerator card, and a cable.
25-inch internal drive by connecting to the host either via S-ATA or an external drive bay via USB, RDX QuikStor has been designed for high reliability.