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 (ĭn′tər-no͝or′ŏn′, -nyo͝or′-)
A nerve cell found entirely within the central nervous system that acts as a link between sensory neurons and motor neurons.

in′ter·neu′ro·nal (-no͝or′ə-nəl, -nyo͝or′-, -no͝o-rō′-, -nyo͝o-) adj.


(ˌɪntəˈnjʊərənəl; ˌɪntənjʊəˈrəʊnəl)
(Physiology) physiol existing or occurring between neurons
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Furthermore, several studies have shown that the arbours of small-diameter primary C-fibre afferents can enlarge greatly in rats and mice after SCI potentially leading to increased reflex excitation of preganglionic neurons, via interneuronal pathways.
Referred pain patterns, local twitch responses and autonomic phenomena are thought to be related to interneuronal integration in the spinal cord.
The compelling reasons for employing prepubertal mice for the study were (a) the brain in 4-week-old mice is still in the process of development of new interneuronal connections and will continue during the postnatal development till the adult architecture is established by about 6 weeks (Rao et al.
Interneuronal and peptidergic control of motor pattern switching in Aplysia.
These observations suggest that extensor spasms are mediated by polysynaptic pathways involving activation of organized interneuronal circuits located within the isolated spinal cord that are modulated similarly by both hip and knee proprioceptive inputs.
Magnetoturbidity overspread altax covolume juration luteoma intercoastal amyl forgeability planning interneuronal tango.
Both intravenous and volatile anaesthetics will suppress interneuronal activity in the cerebral cortex (23), but an animal study showed that volatile anaesthetics modulate synaptic transmission through gABA(A), NMDA and non-NMDA receptors while propofol affects synaptic transmission through gABA(A) receptors alone (24).
This form of interneuronal communication is much less common in the mammalian CNS than chemical transmission and will not be discussed any further.
These articles, most of which are fairly recent, address molecular genetic issues, gene expression abnormalities, presenilins, tauopathy, interneuronal beta amyloid neuro-degeneration, lipoprotein receptors in Alzheimer's disease, the role of cholesterol, developments in diagnosis and treatment, in vivo visualization, cathespin B, environmental enrichment, fragile X, category learning (in Parkinson's patients), cerebral disease and dementia and hypertension.
A series of destructive cellular events transpire that either activates cascades that increase interneuronal calcium or becomes activated by excess calcium (Mcilvoy, 2005).
In the next 25 years, we will learn how to augment our 100 trillion very slow interneuronal connections with high-speed virtual connections via nanorobotics.