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A section or part between two nodes, as of a nerve or stem.

in′ter·nod′al (-nōd′l) adj.
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Furthermore as noted earlier, cooperation between different parts of a network and different internodal relationships are major influences in functional networks and effective management of production.
nigripectus are laid mostly at 2 locations on the plants, in the internodal space between the epidermis and the cortical tissues, and in the nodes in the axils of the leaves partially embedded in the tissues.
1), this region was characterized by extremely short branch lengths, small internodal differences, and weak bootstrap support.
In addition, because of their rapid rate of coalescence, mitochondrial genes may have a substantially higher probability (compared to nuclear genes) of accurately tracking species-trees when short internodal branches are involved (Moore, 1995; Hafner et al.
Internodal segmentte impuls iletimi yavaslar, iletim blogu olan bolgenin distalinden normal M yaniti alinirken, proksimalden uyarim ile M yaniti alinmaz ya da dusuk amplitud olarak elde edilir.
Regeneration and mannose sensibility in potato internodal explants (Solanum tuberosum spp.
For instance, gibberellin promotes rapid internodal growth in deepwater rice by enhancing the activity of p34cdc2/CDC28-like histone H1 kinase in the intercalary meristem of intemodes (Sauter et al.
It should be emphasized that recent years have seen an increasingly popular and successful use of the single Covan's distribution for the analyses of traffic in both roundabouts and internodal sections (Akcelik, Chung 1994; Hagring 1996, 2002; Luttinen 2004; Sullivan, Troutbeck 1994, 1997; Szczuraszek, Macioszek 2010; Tanyel, Yayla 2003; Troutbeck, Kako 1999; Vasconcelos et al.
Air Forces Africa will lead the effort for air safety and contract air for common users, while the AFRICOM Deployment and Distribution Operations Center will prioritize the effort and make the major internodal decisions.
Internodal tracheary elements, by contrast, have relatively large circular pits with inconspicuous borders.
For callus initiation, young leaves (YL) and internodal segments (IN) of young vegetative stem with a size of 1.