(ĭn′tər-ô′fĭs, -ŏf′ĭs)
Transmitted or taking place between offices, especially those of a single organization: an interoffice memo; interoffice conferences.


existing or transmitted between two or more offices of an organization


(ˌɪn tərˈɔ fɪs, -ˈɒf ɪs)

functioning or communicating between the offices of a company or organization.
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The Financial Police launched criminal case against Alfa Telecom based on the interoffice memorandum from Alfa Telecom acting Director General Azamat Murzaliev to Prime Minister Almazbek Atambaev, General Prosecutor's Main Department Chief Kanat Amankulov told a press conference in AKIpress on March 14.
By connecting our two office locations and construction partners together, the NEC solution created a unified system that lets us seamlessly communicate, thereby saving our employees' time and allowing us to increase our interoffice productivity," says RodneyTatum, IT manager, Clarkson Construction.
Because I'm a faithful reader of your column, I've been designated the "technology guru" of our small (12 professionals) CPA office and challenged by tray partners to come up with a better way to handle interoffice communications.
Long before any sort of bad behavior could be transformed by a cunning litigator into a sexual-harassment lawsuit (just ask the some of the ``Friends'' writing staff, currently facing just such a suit), interoffice liaisons were commonly understood to be vexing distractions to all - except to those engaged in them, who usually found them to be something much worse.
We have letters going out to clients, interoffice memos .
The hesitancy to share information is a major barrier to interoffice cooperation.
Sometimes it's impossible for a chairman to send a large number of people a simple thing like an interoffice e-mail message, because the systems don't communicate.
In the course of these investigations they discovered interoffice memos, employee evaluation forms, employee telephone numbers, clothing, $16 in cash, a William Gibson novel, unopened letters from Gay Men's Health Crisis, and the Gap loss-prevention handbook.
The first group of 139 subjects was obtained from a total of 300 women, ages 18 to 30, employed in a large banking institution and contacted through interoffice mail.
It is the only scalable business-class solution of its kind and supports key business applications such as Skype trunking, interoffice connectivity, remote VoIP access, and Web click-to-call.
3 is a spam and e-mail filtering solution that helps manage, filter and, if necessary, block unauthorized inbound, outbound and interoffice communication.
It is written so consciously to the benefit of the operator,`` she wrote in a 1995 interoffice computer memo.