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vb (tr)
to plant (a crop) among another crop, or to plant (land) with a variety of crops


(v. ˌɪn tərˈkrɒp; n. ˈɪn tərˌkrɒp)

v. -cropped, -crop•ping,
n. v.i.
1. to grow one crop between the rows of another, as in an orchard or field.
2. to grow a crop between the rows of.
3. a crop plant growing between plants of a different crop.
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of the Philippines (NGCP, which manages the national electric transmission system) to use the electric grid's interplant transmission infrastructure as the backbone for the third telecom player.
We plant two rows of lettuce in each bed and then interplant a row of tomatoes down the center of the bed a few weeks later," say the Nordells.
Tenders are invited for painting of interplant cable overhead support trestles and pipe rack structures in tps i expn
I always interplant marigolds with my beans, tomatoes, squash and okra.
Belt conveyors providing interplant transfer are highly viable and are often employed successfully across multiple industries.
In the section that's really burnt, we could interplant.
Part 2: Integration of a Lucerne/cotton interplant system, food supplement sprays with biological and synthetic insecticides.
Use ferns as the mainstay and then you can interplant with many winter bulbs such as winter aconites, snowdrops and species daffodils and scilla.
One remedy I've heard of for greenfly on roses is to interplant them with garlic.
He said he first looked at one metric: interplant shipments.
On the other hand, if different skills are available at different locations, then interplant division of labor is favored instead.