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v. in·ter·po·lat·ed, in·ter·po·lat·ing, in·ter·po·lates
1. To insert or introduce between other elements or parts.
a. To insert (material) into a text.
b. To insert into a conversation. See Synonyms at introduce.
3. To change or falsify (a text) by introducing new or incorrect material.
4. Mathematics
a. To estimate a value of (a function or series) between two known values.
b. To create a continuous function that incorporates (a finite set of data), such as creating a curve that passes through a fixed set of points or a surface through a fixed set of curves.
5. To introduce estimated values of (pixel data) into a pixel array to improve the quality of an enlarged digital image.
To make insertions or additions.

[Latin interpolāre, interpolāt-, to touch up, refurbish, from interpolis, refurbished; see pel- in Indo-European roots.]

in·ter′po·la′tion n.
in·ter′po·la′tive adj.
in·ter′po·la′tor n.
References in classic literature ?
7: This oracle most clearly proves that Asclepius was not the son of Arsinoe, but that Hesiod or one of Hesiod's interpolators composed the verses to please the Messenians.
Hence, the initial predictor switches between a non-directional static weighting interpolator for a smooth area, a one-directional interpolator for an edge area.
digital triggers allow for interpolation methods that can deliver sub-sample trigger resolution, like the PXIe-5164 oscilloscope interpolator which yields 1-ps resolution.
However, Herrera (2013) noted that using functional data (FDA) next to the interpolator space cokriging analysis, it was proposed a functional model.
It also allows for the quantification of the magnitude and degree of spatial dependency and for a detailed description of the spatial variability of the studied variables using an accurate and precise interpolator (Lima et al.
A FlexCount interpolator delivering incremental (ABZ) and latency-free commutation (UVW) signals.
Kriging is a robust interpolator and has usually provided better results with regard to ID and ISD, though it requires in-depth knowledge in geo-statistics (Mazzini & Schettini, 2009; Guastaferro et al.
A realtime surface interpolator methodology for precision CNC machining of swept surfaces.
Then, we can use a kind of filter or interpolator to reconstruct a channel matrix, which is normally called least squares (LS) based estimation method.
Source Data and Methods for Current-Dollar GDP and Current-Dollar GDI--Continues Component Annual estimates: Source data and methods used to determine level for benchmark and other years or used to prepare an extrapolator or interpolator Personal consumption expenditures Goods ($3,948.
It contains a Hall sensor array with signal amplification control, a Flex-Count interpolator delivering incremental and latency-free commutation signals, integrated RS422 line drivers, and a serial SSI/BiSS interface.