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v. in·ter·pret·ed, in·ter·pret·ing, in·ter·prets
1. To explain the meaning of: The newspapers interpreted the ambassador's speech as an attempt at making peace. See Synonyms at explain.
2. To understand the significance of; construe: interpreted his smile to be an agreement; interpreted the open door as an invitation.
3. To present or conceptualize the meaning of by means of art or criticism: The actor interpreted the character with great subtlety.
4. To translate from one language into another: interpreted the ambassador's remarks for the assembly.
To serve as an interpreter for speakers of different languages.

[Middle English interpreten, from Old French interpreter, from Latin interpretārī, from interpres, interpret-, negotiator, explainer; see per- in Indo-European roots.]

in·ter′pret·a·bil′i·ty, in·ter′pret·a·ble·ness n.
in·ter′pret·a·ble adj.
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Adj.1.interpretable - capable of being understood; "explainable phenomena"
explicable - capable of being explicated or accounted for; "explicable behavior"


Capable of being explained or accounted for:
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It was perhaps a doubt as to what manner of men this unceremonious stranger's comrades might be, together with something in his words interpretable as a challenge, that caused every man of our half-dozen "gentlemen adventurers" to rise to a sitting posture and lay his hand upon a weapon--an act signifying, in that time and place, a policy of expectation.
Compared with the cases of human disease that arose as a result, few other routinely obtained and readily interpretable bioindicators were able to alert the authorities and general public to the extent of the underlying ecologic process.
For surveillance data to be useful and cost-effective, it must be both available in a timely fashion and interpretable.
Ware's second patent (pending) is for inventing a more comprehensive Quality of Life Information System (QOLIX([R])) which integrates disease-specific and generic PROs using an adaptive survey logic (ASLX([R])), a breakthrough in administering briefer surveys which produce more useful and interpretable data in real-time to clinicians, study sponsors, and patients.
State of the art data analysis techniques employ a statistical parametric mapping (SPM) strategy to convert raw signal into interpretable images by processing data in a pipeline of task-specific modules.
Partnering with Tute Genomics has enabled us to automate our genome analytics pipeline, making the time from sequencing to interpretable results faster than ever.
Innovation #9: Standardized Computer Interpretable Policy Language for Cognitive Radio
The output here covers deriving ecologically based soil standards for trace elements, variation in soil quality criteria for trace elements to protect human health, implementing and using terrestrial standards for trace elements, and recommendations for deriving interpretable and implementable soil quality standards for trace elements.
Successful, unequivocally interpretable measurement could be achieved in 99.
The letters begin to waver and the dates lose their unambiguous status, becoming subjectively interpretable variables.
Maps of cancer incidence and mortality, computed on a global scale by the International Agency for Research of Cancer, are readily interpretable (Ferlay et al.
This is necessary both to ensure that meaningful and interpretable information is collected and to allow the efficient development and dissemination of programs to perform the required work.