interpreted language

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in·ter·pret·ed language

n. Computers
A programming language whose programs are typically executed by an interpreter.
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Fun fact: there is no such thing as an interpreted language or a compiled language; whether a language is interpreted or compiled is dependent on the nature of its implementation.
R is an interpreted language designed for statistical computation.
28 (1958), interpreted language from the Internal Revenue Code of 1939 that was "materially indistinguishable" from that at issue here, the current Court could not give identical language a different interpretation without overruling Colony.
The Appraisal Institute and the three other professional appraisal associations, together representing more than 35,000 members, also urged the Fed to reconsider how it interpreted language in last year's Dodd-Frank Act requiring appraisal management companies to pay appraisers "customary and reasonable" lees.
With Script, you develop test routines based on the open-source Python[TM] interpreted language, as shown in Figure 2.
We use dynamic interpreted language Python instead of static compiled language such as C++, Java.

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