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Noun1.interpretive program - (computer science) a program that translates and executes source language statements one line at a time
computer science, computing - the branch of engineering science that studies (with the aid of computers) computable processes and structures
computer program, computer programme, programme, program - (computer science) a sequence of instructions that a computer can interpret and execute; "the program required several hundred lines of code"
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Additionally, Bryce Canyon visitors attending a night sky interpretive program were asked to complete the survey immediately after the ranger-led program in the Bryce Lodge or following a guided night hike at Sunrise Point.
What ambitions does your interpretive program have that can actually be defined by a number?
The photographer of each winning photo will receive $500, or if the photo was taken on government time, $500 will be donated to the interpretive program of the photographer's park.
These interviews, some lasting longer than the interpretive program the participant attended, purport to capture the "meanings" emerging for audience members due to their participation in a program.
The Park Development Division (PDD) of the Montgomery County Department of Parks (Parks) within the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC) is requesting proposals from exhibit design consultants (Consultants) and their sub-consultants specializing in museum and interpretive program design to provide Final Design and Construction Administration Services for an Exhibit Program for a public museum and visitor center at the Josiah Henson Park at 11420 Old Georgetown Road, North Bethesda, Maryland.
We selected articles that explicitly aimed to measure the influence of exposure to an interpretive program on at least one of the visitor outcomes.
The interpretive program audience is considered non-captive since they can simply ignore a lesson without fear of punishment (Ham, 1992).
The term interpretive program was replaced by ranger-led program to increase the understanding between the researcher and the participant.

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