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Relating to, involving, or representing different races: interracial fellowship; an interracial marriage.


(Anthropology & Ethnology) conducted, involving, or existing between different races or ethnic groups
ˌinterˈracially adv


(ˌɪn tərˈreɪ ʃəl)

of, involving, or for members of different races: interracial amity.
in`ter•ra′cial•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.interracial - between races; "interracial conflict"
racial - of or characteristic of race or races or arising from differences among groups; "racial differences"; "racial discrimination"
2.interracial - involving or composed of different racesinterracial - involving or composed of different races; "interracial schools"; "a mixed neighborhood"
integrated - not segregated; designated as available to all races or groups; "integrated schools"


adj (= between races)zwischen den or verschiedenen Rassen; (= multiracial)gemischtrassig
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Virtually all of the evidence against interracial adoption is anecdotal; there is not a single scientific study that shows interracial adoption to be harmful.
The indicators include general media reports on discrimination or racial tension, major population shifts in a community, the number of interracial assaults, the extent of racial graffiti, and even projected weather conditions.
Youngsters in that investigation included 157 interracial adoptees, 42 white adoptees, and 167 biological children of the adopting parents.
Movies like "Jungle Fever" and "The Bodyguard" have appeared to focus on interracial dating as mainstream while African Americans continue to struggle against the increasing undercurrent of racism and bigotry within our country, which is partly due to an economic recession.
One such group which played a role in meeting this need was the Council on Interracial Books for Children (CIBC), whose bulletin served as a valuable vehicle for revealing issues involving evaluation of multicultural children's literature as well as encouraging new authors and illustrators to enter the publishing field.
com issued a press release publicly offering Jacque Reid an opportunity to have the dating website's staff conduct a public interracial bachelor search to help her in her much publicized quest to find love.
Erin Royston Battat, Ain't Got No Home: America's Great Migrations and the Making of An Interracial Left (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press 2014)
Mixy is the first interracial dating app that was designed to end the estrangements between different races.
Supreme Court struck down all laws banning interracial marriage.
Bridges of Reform: Interracial Civil Rights Activism in Twentieth-Century Los Angeles.
Haze even opened up about her sex life with Haze and how world perceives an interracial gay couple.