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Adv.1.interracially - by race; "interracially restrictive"
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To help ease nerves of individuals looking to date interracially we have released Mixy, an app that helps people who are interested in interracial love finding their perfect partner.
To frame the picture another way, the average black person was 137 times more likely to rob interracially than the average white person: 192 versus 1.
In Japan the number of people who marry interracially or inter-ethnically is increasing, but changes to naming practices must occur for Japan to become a multicultural society.
Bestselling author and founder/pastor of Potter's House Church in highly respected internationally, interracially, and interdenominationally.
Utilizing data from marriage and census records as well as newspaper accounts, this paper demonstrates that during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Chinese American men in Massachusetts did indeed marry interracially, indicating that historical Chinese American communities were more complex and heterogeneous than are commonly portrayed.
Homogamy Over the Net: Using Internet Advertisements to Discover Who Interracially Dates.
The experience of interracially adopted individuals highlights the complexity of racial identity development.
Most of us do not stop to think about what interracially dissonant feelings mean to our children as they gallop off to interracial schools every day, in spite of the fact that they must learn how to interact effectively with both White and Black people, whether the children be Black or White themselves.
The SES Selectivity of Interracially Married Asians.
is not just racially skewed but also interracially skewed, white women
Adam stopped dating interracially, and he asked Brownie to speak to the girls he had been seeing to let them know that he was black.
60) There has been a gradual erosion of the mores with respect to racial endogamy, and a social movement that has arisen with respect to the racial classification of the children of those who marry interracially may have some significance in understanding the persistence of a conception of race that is biological.