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Noun1.interreflection - reciprocal reflection between two reflecting surfaces; "there was interreflection between the two surfaces of the lens"
reflexion, reflection - the phenomenon of a propagating wave (light or sound) being thrown back from a surface
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for edge detection, color segmentation, interreflection analysis, and stereo analysis, techniques are discussed in detail in order to clarify the respective complexity of the solution for the problem.
While it is possible to rely upon the default Radiance interreflection calculation to integrate light arriving through the windows and skylights, the more complex their behavior, the more time it takes to get a reasonable result.
In order to assess the contribution of light from points in the scene to light reaching the observer, many values of the BRDF of the surface containing the contributing point must be used, particularly when light coming from diffuse interreflections is computed.
Overall, Case 4, which tracks the sun patches and treats the diffuse radiation part using the absorptance-weighted area method, and Case 5, which tracks the sun patches and uses the simplified radiosity method to calculate interreflections, are both in good agreement with the advanced computational method (described as Case 6), which tracks the sun patches using ray-tracing and uses fine-grid radiosity for processing the detailed diffuse flux.