intersection point

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Noun1.intersection point - a point where lines intersectintersection point - a point where lines intersect  
point - a geometric element that has position but no extension; "a point is defined by its coordinates"
metacenter, metacentre - (shipbuilding) the point of intersection between two vertical lines, one line through the center of buoyancy of the hull of a ship in equilibrium and the other line through the center of buoyancy of the hull when the ship is inclined to one side; the distance of this intersection above the center of gravity is an indication of the stability of the ship
vertex - the point of intersection of lines or the point opposite the base of a figure
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d]) are two intersection points of the circle centered in anchor node A and the circle centered in anchor node B with the same radius r.
1) When the elevation of the intersection point is higher than that of either A or B (e.
The procedure heavily relies on the tangent plane at the first intersection point for searching appropriate waypoints, called critical points, to bypass the obstacle in front of the robot.
Intersection point between contour surface and voxel boundary is confirmed based on midpoint on the edge of cubes.
The curve equations can be used, for example, to find the intersection point of a flow curve with the system curve.
The support vertices of the critical support lines partition the convex polygons into two polygonal chains: the inner chains visible from the intersection point of the support lines, and the complementary outer chains invisible from the intersection point.
Then y is the intersection point of the two lines K\{x} and L\{x} in the derived plane [C.
Additionally in relation to this intersection point the sensitivity specify positive and negative predictive values and likelihood ratios were calculated.
The only evidence against Assad's forces that has been publicly presented aACAo the "vector analysis" retracing the trajectories of two rockets back to an intersection point 9.
Using "Goal Seek" to determine the pump curve-system curve intersection point
The Doha Metro project will cater to the requirements of the growing population of Qatar and the Red Line - South will link Doha to Msheireb, which will be a central station and the intersection point for different Metro lines.
The Doha Metro project will be conducted over two stages: the first, scheduled to be completed in 2019, entails a network of 37 stations, among which the Musheireb Station, located in the heart of Doha, will be the metro network's headquarters and the intersection point for three of its four lines (Red, Green and Gold) covering 84 km in length (96 km underground, 11 km above ground, and 4 km on ground level).