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n. pl. in·ter·sec·tion·al·i·ties
1. A framework for understanding how multiple categories of identity (such as gender, race, and class) interact in ways that create complex systems of oppression and power.
2. The phenomenon resulting from such interactions.
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Intersectionality was introduced as a concept and framework that would challenge a dominant form of feminist analysis that was seen to essentialize women's experiences, ignoring and rendering invisible certain other knowledges and realities.
This year's shortlist of essays is marked by varying explorations of feminist activism and intersectionality from a wealth of perspectives.
As well, we are dedicated to exploring the intersectionality of bias, how biases and discriminatory practices work together to divide, silence and maintain the status quo, and to consider the simple fact that the proliferation of related terminology has become broadly known now.
8) At times intersectionality has focused on identities and subjectivities, but recently scholars have called for an emphasis on political and structural inequalities.
00) is for college-level students in sociology and gathers readings and the latest works and theory in the concept of intersectionality and how it works.
In addition to new co-authors, this edition has expanded chapters that take into account new social and political developments; two new chapters on the economics of oppression and globalization and the global oppression of minority groups; links to recent educational policies of the Council on Social Work Education; more focus on the intersectionality of multiple categories of identity that affect oppression and injustice; content consistent with the National Association of Social Work's recognition of social work as a global and human rights profession; and boxed readings on diversity topics.
The emphasis on intersectionality shapes each chapter, as multiple themes and historical eras crisscross throughout, rather than remaining relegated to their "proper" place.
This piece was written to speak to the function of intersectionality in negotiating a geographical space--in this case, Harlem.
Often these events exist as traditions and require direct challenges by advisors to enact a cultural shift towards inclusivity, creating opportunities for critical discourse around issues related to gender, sexual orientation, power, privilege, and intersectionality," he said.
The same commitment to intersectionality could expand the scope of women's issues addressed in the book.
First, I begin by moving beyond a human-only account of intersectionality (Crenshaw, 2005) to raise questions concerning species as a category of difference that interacts with other categories in constructing ideologies and hierarchies of domination.

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