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The time between two academic sessions or semesters.

in′ter·ses′sion·al adj.


the period between the end of one academic session and the beginning of the next session


(ˈɪn tərˌsɛʃ ən)

a period between two academic terms.
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Providing even more flexibility, the coursework and schedule are aligned so that all students may partake in intersession, summer and spring break sessions in several global locations as well as core or elective courses in both formats.
The calendar has nine-week academic blocks, followed by three-week intersession breaks.
No schema debated in the first session (1962) addressed the issue of the Curia, which came to the table of the coordinating commission at the beginning of the first intersession in January 1963.
Historically, presidents were able to take advantage of the long intersession congressional recesses in order to fill key vacancies.
in Parks Hall 336, with the exception of the school's intersession closure dates from March 13 to 29.
In a powerful prayer activity, students are given a saints relic to hold as Angie instructs them to pray for that saints intersession.
While Wendy read the Bible readings of the Christmas story taken from Luke and Matthew and led the prayers of intersession which she read from the David Adams book, praying for others, members and families at the end of the time of prayer.
Inconsistencies in the novice sonographer intersession results suggest that revision of ultrasound training should be undertaken to ensure the consistency of IRD measurements remains high.
the Court split 5-4 on more far reaching issues of whether the President can fill vacancies on a recess basis if those vacancies arise while the Senate is in session and whether the recess appointment power applies only to intersession recesses.
Il a souligne dans ce contexte la necessite d'aller vers l'initiation de missions d'etudes, d'evaluation et d'echanges afin que les deux parties puissent s'impregner des realites et experiences respectives, tout en invitant les entreprises bulgares a prendre part au programme d'investissement public, outre qu'il a recommande la creation d'un mecanisme de cooperation, de suivi et d'evaluation, en intersession, compose des experts des deux pays.
Intersession programs--These programs provide enrichment activities, day camps, and remediation for students during extended breaks (i.

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