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tr.v. in·ter·spersed, in·ter·spers·ing, in·ter·spers·es
1. To distribute among other things at intervals: interspersed red and blue tiles on the walls; intersperse praise with constructive criticism.
2. To supply or diversify with things distributed at intervals: interspersed lamp fixtures on the large ceiling; a newspaper section that was interspersed with advertisements.

[From Latin interspergere, interspers- : inter-, inter- + spargere, to scatter.]

in′ter·spers′ed·ly (-spûr′sĭd-lē) adv.
in′ter·sper′sion (-spûr′zhən, -shən) n.
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Noun1.interspersion - the act of combining one thing at intervals among other things; "the interspersion of illustrations in the text"
compounding, combining, combination - the act of combining things to form a new whole
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50m 2 header gkbi - f0 / 75mm / 0db, - about 50m 2 header gkfi - f90 / 0db, - approx 130m 2 header shell gkb roof pitch - 75mm, - 2 pieces of room system, Independent, 3-sided + ceiling, - 50 pieces of inspection flaps f0, - approx 250m 2 under cover gkb smooth, F0, - ca 110m 2 under cover gkbi smooth, F0, - about 70m 2 under cover gk, Smooth, F90 from below, - approx 280m 2 interspersion insulation dg 100mm, - about 120m 2 dry screed, Gypsum fiber board, D = 30 mm / f90 execution periods: Start of execution: 12.
Moreover, mixed land use, typical in large catchment basins, produces a higher variability in stormwater quality, as there is a high interspersion of various land use types (Lee et al.
Foraging behavior by moose is predicted to correspond with interspersion of openings and nearby shade (provided by canopy cover) during the day, but not at night.
Natural light figures prominently in the design--employed as both a means of orientation and for its proven therapeutic properties--and the interspersion of natural materials throughout the spaces serves to deinstitutionalize the hospital.
Extensive use of cutover areas by female moose in Maine is indicative of how forest harvesting practices create beneficial interspersion of food and cover (Leptich and Gilbert 1989).
Spatial interspersion of the two egg parasites, Trichogramma dendrolimi and Telenomus dendrolimi in the pine crown.
As he confided to an American protege: 'I did the broadcasts I sent you copies of; am now turning that stuff into a 45,000-word heavily illustrated book for Methuens which I shall have written in nine weeks, ten days more to go, mostly about invasions and ecological interspersion, etc'.
A cribriform-like pattern within the cell nests from the interspersion of mucinous material or hyalinized stroma is common.
Concerning RelyX U100, it is a self-etching phosphorylated methacrylate designed for direct bonding to enamel and dentin, with two phosphate groups and at least two double carbon bonds, which demonstrate high adherence values to zirconia and interspersion to the resin matrix.
Interspersion and Juxtaposition Index (IJI) measures the extents to which patch types are interspersed.
Co-ordinated by sound designer Charo Calvo, its interspersion throughout the action added a great authenticity to the performance, allowing the mind of the audience to get completely carried away with the stories being illustrated by Chaim and Nono.
Pleomorphic liposarcoma are commonly highly pleomorphic, resembles MFH except for the regular interspersion of pleomorphic lipoblasts or signet-ring cell type which shows focal positivity for S-100.