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Of or being the region between the high tide mark and the low tide mark.

in′ter·tid′al·ly adv.


in an intertidal manner
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65): Known only from the tropical western Indian Ocean, from southern Kenya and northern Mozambique to southern Madagascar; has been found living intertidally, on a rock on a muddy substratum, near low water.
2000) is found both intertidally and in shallow, subtidal, euryhaline waters.
Herring lay adhesive eggs intertidally and subtidally on rocks, algae, aquatic plants, pier pilings, and other substrates (Alderdice and Velsen, 1971; Hay, 1985).
The horse mussel, Modiolus modiolus (Linnaeus 1857), is circum-boreally distributed in the northern hemisphere occurring intertidally to depths greater than 200 m (Jasmin and Brand 1989).
Material was collected intertidally or by diving, trawling, or dredging; it was fixed in (buffered) formalin 4% and later transferred to ethanol 70% for museum deposition (Table 1).
44): Eastern Cape, South Africa; from the border with KwaZulu-Natal, south and west to the Port Elizabeth area; empty shells from beach drift to -500 m; living intertidally (under rocks), or subtidally on firm substrata to -115 m.
The larvae of Sydney rock oysters are set on tarred hardwood sticks and they grow intertidally on timber frame trays (1.
By comparison, relatively little is known about these communities on restored or enhanced oyster reefs, or in areas where oysters occur intertidally (Tolley & Volety 2005).
Despite this local abundance, Norrisia has not been observed subtidally or intertidally at adjacent locations outside of Diablo Cove (Tenera 1997).
9 m (Byrne & Gabaldon 2008)) and microtidal, and the oyster reefs it contains are distributed intertidally, exhibiting limited vertical relief (<1 m).
2] were established intertidally within Stacy Creek in close proximity to the creek entrance in a line parallel to the southern shoreline on April 29, 2004 (Fig.