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tr. & intr.v. in·ter·twined, in·ter·twin·ing, in·ter·twines
To join or become joined by twining together.

in′ter·twine′ment n.


an act of union by twisting or twining together
References in classic literature ?
Its history cannot be told without intertwining it with the lives of distinguished men and the great events that have befallen the country.
A woman's voice was singing melodiously in another room of the palace, and with her voice was mingled the noise of a loom, at which she was probably seated, weaving a rich texture of cloth, and intertwining the high and low sweetness of her voice into a rich tissue of harmony.
His love for his young wife might prove the stronger of the two; but it could only be by intertwining itself with his love of science, and uniting the strength of the latter to his own.
The Rues Saint-Denis and Saint-Martin, with their innumerable ramifications, rose one after the other, like trees intertwining their branches; and then the tortuous lines, the Rues de la Plâtrerie, de la Verrerie, de la Tixeranderie, etc.
Black was the darkness which fell wide and dense from the summits of the intertwining trees.
And intertwining with one another, they quickly grew and covered all the wild-roving cattle by the will of thievish Hermes, so that Apollo was astonished as he gazed.
All these strings intertwining made Pancks a very cable of anchorage that night.
Based on close readings of archival documents, theological and polemical tracts, and a large body of modern historical studies, his book does deal with traditional political history and with theological polemic, but it is sensitive to issues more in tune with recent historiography, such as popular religion, the formation of group identity, and the intertwining of politics and religion.
Sculptor Alice Aycock's contribution to the Pavilion's design, soon to be installed, is a grand complex of sculptural metal elements, exuberantly intertwining through and leaping across the pavilion's roof structure, creating a dynamic framework for views of the Bridge, the Roosevelt Island tramway and the sky.
This 28-page report written for executives guides its readers down the six intertwining roads of corporate compliance.
Gotscho's work stressed the violence be low the social surface: "union" here was depicted as a twisted, tortured intertwining of bride-and-groom wear.
The unexpected correlations may indicate that the CFTR protein normally functions by intertwining with a group of other proteins, say Cutting, Highsmith and others.