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Occurring between vowels.


(Phonetics & Phonology) pronounced or situated between vowels
ˌintervoˈcalically adv


(ˌɪn tər voʊˈkæl ɪk)

(usu. of a consonant) immediately following a vowel and preceding a vowel, as the v in cover.
in`ter•vo•cal′i•cal•ly, adv.
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In all Finnic languages featuring gradation, geminate stops and single stops that are intervocalic or follow a voiced consonant undergo gradation (Laanest 1975 : 66).
The abovementioned combinations can be pronounced without difficulties in intervocalic position, for instance, in the words: zastoy (standstill), poskakal (broke into a gallop), koptit (smoke) etc.
For example, consider Caribbean Spanish (sometimes called Costeno), which exhibits, such characteristics as deletion/aspiration of syllable final 's', deletion or neutralization of 'r' and 'l', deletion of intervocalic 'd', nasalization of final 's', and weakening of velar fricative 'x', among others.
They believe that stressed vowels in open syllables remained phonetically short, and a consonant grapheme in intervocalic position usually represents a single (short) consonant.
The voiceless velar stop /k/contrasts with its voiced counterpart /g/ only in an intervocalic position.
Moreover, Cuban pronunciation, and occasionally written texts, intermittently interchange l and r (arma/alma); postvocalic and intervocalic d are often silent (pare[d]/calla[d]o); the letter s is habitually silent when not beginning a word (e[s]tamo[s]).
This section considers intervocalic s-voicing, raddoppiamento sintattico, vowel deletion, phrase-final lengthening, and phrasal stress placement.
10) Though this proposal is not quite in line with the existing reconstructions of the formation of retroflex vowels in Kalashamon--following the loss of an intervocalic retroflex consonant (Heegard J.
We follow the uncontroversial view that an intervocalic consonant is (universally) in onset position, hence '.
Distinction between /r/, /rr/ occurs in intervocalic position.
The following criteria have been used to modernize the text: abbreviations have been written out in full; intervocalic and etymological 'h' has been eliminated (e.
This something disappears, yet persists, rather like the hypermetric foot elided, yet marked, by the silent intervocalic v's of "heaven" in Theseus' chiastaus of the poet's rolling eye.