intestinal obstruction

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Noun1.intestinal obstruction - blockage of the intestine (especially the ileum) that prevents the contents of the intestine from passing to the lower bowel
enteropathy - a disease of the intestinal tract
blockage, obstruction - the physical condition of blocking or filling a passage with an obstruction
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We present the perioperative management of a 5-year-old boy with intestinal obstruction and two episodes of cerebral haemorrhage who presented for pheochromocytoma resection and enterolysis.
Comparison of postoperative complications between the two groups: In the observation group, there were 2 cases of enterocolitis, two cases of intestinal perforation and three cases of intestinal obstruction after operation; the incidence of adverse reaction was 6.
Intestinal obstruction is a challenging surgical emergency worldwide.
In December 2013, capsule endoscopy showed multiple inflammatory polyps of the small intestine, multiple segmental stenosis, and incomplete intestinal obstruction [Figure 1]a and [Figure 1]b, and a diagnosis of Crohn's disease was made.
Intestinal intussusception in adults is considered as an unusual pathology and represents 5% of the total cases of intestinal intussusception (children and adults) and 1%-5% of all cases of intestinal obstruction (3).
Meckel's diverticula are mostly asymptomatic, but it may present as intestinal obstruction, diverticulitis, lower gastrointestinal (GI) bleeding and perforation peritonitis.
Most of the patients are asymptomatic, but about 10-30% of patients tend to develop severe complications like diverticulitis, stone formation, perforation, haemorrhage and intestinal obstruction.
Intestinal obstruction, as a result of intussusception or compression of the adjacent bowel.
On Tuesday, a senior man, who was among the Interior Ministry pilgrimage group, died en route to a nearby hospital due to an intestinal obstruction.
Majority of patients (62) presented with acute intestinal obstruction, while eight patients showed subacute obstruction.
died after consuming a large quantity of bananas which resulted in an intestinal obstruction, causing a severe infection that spread in his intestines and later killed him.
Fifteen days later, the patient was admitted with symptoms of intestinal obstruction and stool output through the surgical wound.

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