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n. pl. in·ti·mae (-mē′) or in·ti·mas Anatomy
The innermost membrane of an organ or part, especially the inner lining of a lymphatic vessel, an artery, or a vein.

[Latin, from feminine of intimus, innermost; see en in Indo-European roots.]

in′ti·mal adj.
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Adj.1.intimal - of or relating to the intima


a. íntimal, rel. a la íntima.
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In silico mechanobiological models will also be used to help identify the optimum loading environment for the vessels to encourage cell repopulation but prevent excessive intimal hyperplasia.
They parallel hypertensive microvascular changes described in the brain, such as concentric thickening of the arterial wall, intimal thickening, [and] medial hyperplasia," they explained.
4-5) A 40-50% increase in cardiac output during pregnancy, which is further augmented during labor, produces the shearing force which likely initiates the intimal rupture on the vulnerable artery.
Oral administration of taurine also ameliorates impairment of vascular reactivity, intimal thickening, arteriosclerosis, endothelial apoptosis, oxidative stress and inflammation, associated primarily with diabetes and, to a lesser extent with obesity, hypertension and nicotine-induced vascular adverse events.
TRAS typically arises at or close to the anastomotic site and is often related to vascular intimal hyperplasia or, if presenting years after transplant, progressive atherosclerosis.
1) noted the results of both animal and human studies suggesting that the pregnancy-related alterations in steroid hormones may cause a variety of arterial changes, including intimal hyperplasia, thickening of the media associated with smooth muscle hyperplasia, fragmentation of reticular fibres and loss of normal corrugation of elastic fibres.
In several patients from this cohort, we saw a remarkable regression in intimal hyperplasia tissue between 6 and 18 month follow up.
Aim of the study: the effect of total saponins of "panax notoginseng root" on aortic intimal hyperplasia and the expressions of cell cycle protein and extracellular matrix in rats
Based on its demonstrated effects in pre-clinical models and safety in clinical trials, AZX100 is currently being evaluated for commercially significant medical applications such as the prevention or reduction of hypertrophic and keloid scarring, treatment of pulmonary disease and intimal hyperplasia.
The points of greatest hydraulic stress in the aorta are the most common locations of intimal tearing: the right lateral aspect of the ascending aorta and the descending thoracic aorta proximal to the ligamentum arteriosum.