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in·ti·mate 1

1. Characterized by close personal acquaintance or familiarity: intimate friends.
2. Relating to or indicative of one's deepest nature: intimate prayers.
3. Essential; innermost: the intimate structure of matter.
4. Marked by informality and privacy: an intimate nightclub.
5. Very personal; private: an intimate letter.
6. Of or involved in a sexual relationship: Have they been intimate?
A close friend or confidant.

[Latin intimātus, past participle of intimāre, to make familiar with; see intimate2.]

in′ti·mate·ly adv.
in′ti·mate·ness n.

in·ti·mate 2

tr.v. in·ti·mat·ed, in·ti·mat·ing, in·ti·mates
a. To state or express indirectly: She intimated that she did not want him to call back. See Synonyms at suggest.
b. To make evident indirectly: His worn clothes intimated that he was in need of money.
2. Archaic To announce; proclaim.

[Latin intimāre, intimāt-, to make known, from intimus, innermost; see en in Indo-European roots.]

in′ti·mat′er n.
in′ti·ma′tion n.
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Adv.1.intimately - in a close manner; "the two phenomena are intimately connected"; "the person most nearly concerned"
2.intimately - with great or especially intimate knowledge; "we knew them well"


1. closely, very well, personally, warmly, familiarly, tenderly, affectionately, confidentially, confidingly You have to be willing to get to know your partner intimately.
2. fully, very well, thoroughly, in detail, inside out, to the core, through and through a golden age of musicians whose work she knew intimately
بِصَداقَه خالِصَه
samimî bir şekilde


[ˈɪntɪmɪtlɪ] ADVíntimamente
to be intimately acquainted with sb (in a friendly way) → conocer a algn íntimamente
to be intimately acquainted with a subjecttener un profundo conocimiento de una materia, conocer una materia a fondo
to be intimately involved in sthestar muy involucrado en algo
Inspector Green was intimately involved in the caseel Inspector Green estaba muy involucrado en el caso or estaba metido a fondo en el caso
to know sb intimately (as friends) → conocer a algn íntimamente; (sexually) → tener relaciones íntimas con algn
musicians whose work she knew intimatelymúsicos mpl cuyo trabajo conocía a fondo or en profundidad
to talk intimatelytener una conversación íntima


[ˈɪntɪmətli] adv
[talk] → intimement
[know] → intimement
He knew the contents of all three files intimately → Il connaissait intimement le contenu de chacun des trois dossiers.
musicians whose work she knew intimately → des musiciens dont elle connaissait le travail intimement
to be intimately acquainted with sth (= know well) → avoir une connaissance intime de qch
He claimed to be intimately acquainted with her poems → Il prétendait avoir une connaissance intime de ses poèmes.
(= closely) to be intimately involved with sth/sb [person] → être intimement lié à qch/qn
She's been intimately involved with the clinic for 15 years → Elle est intimement liée à cette clinique depuis 15 ans.


adv acquaintedbestens; behave, speakvertraulich; related, connectedeng; knowgenau, gründlich; we know each other but not intimatelywir kennen uns, aber nicht besonders gut; he is intimately involved in local politicser ist tief in Lokalpolitik verwickelt


[ˈɪntɪmɪtlɪ] advintimamente
to talk intimately with sb → scambiare confidenze con qn
to be intimately involved in sth → essere direttamente coinvolto/a in qc


(ˈintimət) adjective
1. close and affectionate. intimate friends.
2. private or personal. the intimate details of his correspondence.
3. (of knowledge of a subject) deep and thorough.
a close friend.
(-meit) verb
to give information or announce.
ˌintiˈmation (-ˈmei-) noun
ˈintimacy (-məsi) noun
1. the quality of being intimate.
2. close friendship.
ˈintimately (-mət-) adverb
References in classic literature ?
We left the classroom quietly, conscious that we had been brushed by the wing of a great feeling, though perhaps I alone knew Cleric intimately enough to guess what that feeling was.
Pontellier, though she had married a Creole, was not thoroughly at home in the society of Creoles; never before had she been thrown so intimately among them.
Such memorials of the passage and struggles of man are yet frequent throughout the broad barrier of wilderness which once separated the hostile provinces, and form a species of ruins that are intimately associated with the recollections of colonial history, and which are in appropriate keeping with the gloomy character of the surrounding scenery.
This picture, it must be understood, was supposed to be so intimately connected with the fate of the house, and so magically built into its walls, that, if once it should be removed, that very instant the whole edifice would come thundering down in a heap of dusty ruin.
So strangely did they meet in the dim wood that it was like the first encounter in the world beyond the grave of two spirits who had been intimately connected in their former life, but now stood coldly shuddering in mutual dread, as not yet familiar with their state, nor wonted to the companionship of disembodied beings.
We met, after I had brought home little Miles, more intimately than ever on the ground of my stupefaction, my general emotion: so monstrous was I then ready to pronounce it that such a child as had now been revealed to me should be under an interdict.
I do not often walk this way now," said Emma, as they proceeded, "but then there will be an inducement, and I shall gradually get intimately acquainted with all the hedges, gates, pools and pollards of this part of Highbury.
Willoughby at Cleveland, and whether they were intimately acquainted with him.
I don't pretend to be intimately acquainted with the mode of living customary in those days at Wuthering Heights: I only speak from hearsay; for I saw little.
But Miss Garth had lived too long and too intimately under Mr.
This was rather a coarse mode of estimating Silas's relation to Eppie; but we must remember that many of the impressions which Godfrey was likely to gather concerning the labouring people around him would favour the idea that deep affections can hardly go along with callous palms and scant means; and he had not had the opportunity, even if he had had the power, of entering intimately into all that was exceptional in the weaver's experience.
Scottish manners, Scottish dialect, and Scottish characters of note, being those with which the author was most intimately, and familiarly acquainted, were the groundwork upon which he had hitherto relied for giving effect to his narrative.