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Intimate; private: an intime dining corner.

[French, from Old French, from Latin intimus, innermost; see intimate2.]


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Hold up the umbrella, Abdull I think my little speech will show them I know something of their vie intime.
And I fall into the middle of an intime lunch-party.
They seem to have made several acquaintances, but the courier continues to be the most intime.
19] CERTAIN influential expressions of opinion have attracted much curiosity to Amiel's Journal Intime, both in France, where the book has already made its mark, and in England, where Mrs.
Elle a donc elargi sa recherche aux correspondances et au journal intime, ce qui lui a permis d'explorer un corpus un peu plus vaste.
Pour ces raisons, il est important de respecter certaines regles pour sa toilette intime .
Going back to Alibaba's stake in Intime, the company can use Intimes department stores as defacto warehouses and make a wider variety of brands and goods available to online shoppers.
Intime Retail has already opened its public service account in Alipay Wallet as the payee of the Alipay "Face-to-Face Payment" service in Intime's stores, registering over 10,000 fans currently.
Hachimi Idrissi a indique qu'apres un parcours de longues annees dans l'ecriture journalistique, il lui a ete vital de renouveler son rapport avec la plume en ecrivant des poemes, une maniere de parler de choses plus intimes et assouvir un besoin de verite.
L'ouvrage de Renahy offre un portrait intime de la quotidiennete et des histoires de vie fascinantes des jeunes Foulangeois.
After touring the country, La Nuit Intime returned to Newcastle to launch Northern Stage's Stage 3 performance space.
La nuit intime is an evening of dance which creates the atmosphere of a sultry nightclub where the audience find themselves in a very informal and otherworldly environment.