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Within arteries or an artery: an intra-arterial injection.

in′tra-ar·te′ri·al·ly adv.
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Three of the five trials - SOLITAIRE(TM) FR With the Intention For Thrombectomy as PRIMary Endovascular Treatment for Acute Ischemic Stroke (SWIFT PRIME), Endovascular Revascularization With Solitaire Device Versus Best Medical Therapy in Anterior Circulation Stroke Within 8 Hours (REVASCAT) and EXtending the Time for Thrombolysis in Emergency Neurological Deficits - Intra-Arterial (EXTEND-IA) - studied the Solitaire stent retriever exclusively.
This study sought to evaluate whether standard intravenous tPA therapy in addition to aggressive use of targeted intra-arterial delivery of tPA and/or advanced intra-arterial surgical procedures was superior to standard intravenous tPA therapy alone in treating a particularly dangerous type of ischemic stroke within six hours of symptom onset.
Outcome of acute vertebrobasilar occlusions treated with intra-arterial fibrinolysis in 180 patients.
Given the patient's assessment and positive radiological findings of a clot located within the right M1 segmental branch of the middle cerebral artery territory through the use of computed tomography angiography, deployment of intra-arterial thrombolytics within 6 hours of symptom onset was utilized.
Endovascular treatments date to the 1950s, when Sussman and Fitch first pioneered intra-arterial (IA) thrombolysis.
We would like to report our findings following an accidental intra-arterial infusion of dexmedetomidine.
The researchers of the computational fluid dynamics (cfd) group in Glasgow University's School of Engineering, have been working to come up with a new method of using intra-arterial delivery.
To deliver the drug, healthcare providers used an intra-arterial catheter, inserted through the skin to send drugs to the liver, capture the flow of blood from the liver, and then remove the drugs from the blood before it returns to the rest of the body.
Objective: The aim of this study was to assess the surgical and histopathological hemostatic effects of topical Ankaferd blood stopper (ABS) on major arterial vessel injury related to elevated intra-arterial blood pressure in an experimental rabbit model.
The eye-saving treatment was intra-arterial chemo which delivered the anti-tumour drug directly into the artery which feeds he eye.
of Michigan) compile 12 chapters for radiologists to gain a complete perspective on the imaging of primary carcinomas of the liver and their diagnosis and staging, as well as epidemiology, pathology, and surgical and non-surgical treatment options for both hepatocellular carcinoma and cholangiocarcinoma, including newer techniques with intra-arterial therapy, such as selective internal radiation with radioactive isotopes.

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