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intraarticular, intra-articular

adj intraarticular or intra-articular
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FAAN stated, "A novel DMOAD that promotes articular cartilage formation by simple intraarticular injections would be a revolutionary advance for OA.
Meanwhile, effusions hint at intraarticular pathology
In order to make an assessment I'd have to see your MRI as well as an A/P longstanding view of both lower extremities to determine the size of the OCD defect, your weight-bearing alignment, and associated intraarticular knee disease.
A French controlled multicenter study of intraarticular orgotein versus intraarticular corticosteroids in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis: a one-year followup.
The intraarticular output point of guide wire should be in a few mm posterior to the adherence area ACL.
10) MR arthrography is selectively performed for increased accuracy in detecting ulnar collateral ligament tears, osteochondral defects and intraarticular bodies.
Framework Agreement for the selection of suppliers of viscoelastic solutions and derivatives for intraarticular hyaluronate injection.
Lipoma arborescens is a rare, intraarticular lipoma-like lesion characterized by fatty infiltration of the subsynovial tissue.
A few days later, another aspiration of the left knee was performed, followed by an intraarticular injection of steroids.
29% (1/343 patients) versus 3% (5/164 patients) in those who did not receive a postoperative intraarticular injection.
Data on 20 of the 22 patients treated with NSAIDs or intraarticular corticosteroids showed that 11 had complete resolution of arthritis within a median of 11 months after the start of antibiotic therapy, and 9 underwent arthroscopic synovectomies.
Are there distinctive inflammatory flares after hylan g-f 20 intraarticular injections?