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a. Difficult to manage, deal with, or change to an acceptable condition: an intractable conflict; an intractable dilemma.
b. Difficult to alleviate, remedy, or cure: intractable pain; intractable depression.
2. Difficult to persuade or keep under control, as in behavior: "Bullheaded enough when he was cold sober, he was intractable after a few drinks" (John Grisham). See Synonyms at obstinate.
3. Difficult to mold or manipulate: intractable materials.

in·trac′ta·bil′i·ty, in·trac′ta·ble·ness n.
in·trac′ta·bly adv.
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Adv.1.intractably - in an intractable manner
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Mihailov again tried to say that that was how he understood Pilate, but his lips quivered intractably, and he could not pronounce the words.
However, the 'land question' remains an intractably sensitive issue that even several land commissions have failed to address.
An almost intractably complex disorder, schizophrenia is nearly impossible to fully treat in large part because it acts as two disorders in one," said co-senior author Joseph Gogos from Columbia's Mortimer B.
Nationally, the prime minister of Pakistan has declared Polio eradication as one of key priorities placing it at top of priority agenda of the health sector intractably linked to Sustainable Development Goals and the National Health Vision 2025.
I always wonder about the spouse who intractably demands compromise; it seems more power-driven than principled.
Except, can we really improve on the intractably painful and difficult interactions between ourselves and everyone else around us?
The twisted metal and steel of Crash's crashes constitute the intractably tangible flip side of contemporary culture's pursuit of "endlessly malleable" avatars, images, and simulacra (95).
They used "modernist art to advocate for Western values when the [broad American] public perceived--justly or not--modernism art as being at best indifferent and sometimes intractably opposed to these values.
These two intractably opposed positions are grounded in the constant struggle between employer and employee, judiciary and legislature, and precedent and evolving law.
Walton said it was time for the Bank of Korea (BOK) to ease monetary policies to fend off deflation and prevent household inflation expectations from sliding into intractably low territory.
Either turf wars or sheer politics of power and pelf is consuming all the time and energy of status quo forces, while the country is slipping deeper into morass intractably.