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semicircular arch


 (ĭn′trə-dŏs′, -dō′, ĭn-trā′dŏs′, -dōs′)
n. pl. in·tra·dos (-dōz′) or in·tra·dos·es (-dŏs′ĭz) Architecture
The inner curve of an arch.

[French : intra-, within (from Latin intrā-; see intra-) + dos, back (from Old French, from Latin dorsum).]


n, pl -dos or -doses
(Architecture) architect the inner curve or surface of an arch or vault. Compare extrados
[C18: from French, from intra- + dos back, from Latin dorsum]


(ˈɪn trəˌdɒs, -ˌdoʊs, ɪnˈtreɪ dɒs, -doʊs)

n., pl. -dos (-ˌdoʊz, -doʊz) -dos•es.
the interior curve or surface of an arch or vault. Compare extrados.
[1765–75; < French, =intra- intra- + dos back]
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Noun1.intrados - the interior curve of an archintrados - the interior curve of an arch  
curve, curved shape - the trace of a point whose direction of motion changes
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The works will involve the demolition of the existing bridge; the placing of piles to support the foundations; a "Flexible Arch" to form the intrados of the barrel; Precast spandrel units that will be clad in stone recovered from the demolition; mass concrete infill to the arch precast formers of the bridge and the reconstruction of the road surfacing.
When inflated, the tube pressed the liner towards the vent at the extrados and PVC pipe at the intrados, thus creating an end-seal with a provision to supply air through the quick connector, as shown in Figure 10.
Induction bending as a technique is relatively quick and cheap, but induction bending can produce unwanted changes in geometry such as wall thinning at the extrados, wall thickening and wrinkling at the intrados, and steep transitions in wall thickness between tangent and bend.