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Within a molecule.

in′tra·mo·lec′u·lar·ly adv.


(Chemistry) occurring within a molecule or molecules


(ˌɪn trə məˈlɛk yə lər, -moʊ-)

existing or occurring within a molecule.
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Adj.1.intramolecular - within the molecule; occurring by a reaction between different parts of the same molecule
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Based on preliminary modelling studies, We will focus on one type of polyurea structures, Built from ~nowick~-style motifs, Which spontaneously fold in solution, Forming intramolecular polarized hydrogen-bond networks.
Key statement: Provided is a rubber composition having an intramolecular double bond capable of sulfur cross-linking, comprising at least one of 1 to 100 parts by mass of carbon black and 10 to 150 parts by mass of an inorganic filler other than carbon black, 0.
To avoid these acid-mediated side interactions, a site-specific intramolecular activation at the reducing end (direct introduction of the X [union] Y-[H.
He covers the Raman effect, normal mode vibration, the elucidation of bond polarizabilities, the Raman virtual states, more applications, the extension to Raman optical activity, more applications on Raman optical activity, intramolecular enantiomerism, the unified classical theory for Raman optical activity and vibrational circular dichromism.
Es importante destacar para el compuesto 4 una nueva banda a 395 nm, la cual se atribuye a un proceso de transferencia de carga intramolecular (ICT) entre el nitrogeno de la TPA y el carbonilo del furano en el estado fundamental.
La flexibilidad de cadenas polimericas debida a efecto intramolecular se origina en una barrera a las uniones flexionadas entre monomeros de baja energia y facilita la transicion entre los estados rotacionales.
Intermolecular and intramolecular hydrogen bonds are considered to be responsible for the broadening of the OH band in the FTIR spectra.
The packing of the crystallizing segments and the intermolecular ordering is preceded by intramolecular conformational ordering [34, 35],
Therefore, this research studies and analyzes non-linear vibration and instable behavior of nanobars in the presence of Casimir intramolecular forces by applying DC voltage.
In solution, the intramolecular VDW interactions of a protein molecule are balanced by the intermolecular VDW interactions with solvent molecules.

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