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Within a muscle: an intramuscular injection.

in′tra·mus′cu·lar·ly adv.
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Adv.1.intramuscularly - in an intramuscular way; "administer the drug intramuscularly"
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Research has demonstrated that intramuscularly embedded lead in humans and rats may cause direct plumbism, albeit rarely, and has identified risk factors to this end.
Comparison of the Immunogenicity of Various Booster Doses of Inactivated Polio Vaccine Delivered Intradermally Versus Intramuscularly to HIV-Infected Adults.
Ninety-four patients with chronic hepatitis C who had not been previously treated were given pegylated interferon alpha plus ribavirin, and were randomly assigned to receive or not to receive (control group) 5000 jug of vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) intramuscularly, every 4 weeks for the duration of antiviral therapy.
Its bioavailability is 100% when given intramuscularly or intravenously and about 40% when given as a nasal spray, she added.
Crossject's needle-free, pre-filled, single-use ZENEO (TM) injection systems are unique in that they can be tailored to deliver drugs intra-dermally, subcutaneously and intramuscularly.
The vaccine was tested in three different configurations: using IDRI's Glucopyranosyl Lipid A ("GLA") formulated adjuvant, given both intramuscularly and intradermally, and using alum intramuscularly.
The HPV immunisation requires three doses -- administered intramuscularly -- of either type of vaccine, starting at age nine.
The two Heplisav doses are administered intramuscularly 1 month apart, compared with the 0-, 1-, and 6-month schedule for the two currently approved hepatitis B vaccines, Engerix-B and Recombivax HB.
Patient was put on injection Arteether 150 mg intramuscularly once daily for 3 consecutive days along with 10 and 25% GDW, and GNS.
A high dose of 40 mg/kg methylprednisolone and/or 20 mg/kg melatonin were administered intramuscularly 24 h before exposure to noise, immediately before noise exposure and once a day until noise exposure was completed.
It is administered at a weekly dosage of 250 mg given intramuscularly at 16-36 weeks' gestation, Dr.