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A person within a large corporation who takes direct responsibility for turning an idea into a profitable finished product through assertive risk taking and innovation.

[Blend of intra- and entrepreneur.]

in′tra·pre·neur′i·al adj.


(Commerce) a person who while remaining within a larger organization uses entrepreneurial skills to develop a new product or line of business as a subsidiary of the organization
[C20: from intra- + (entre)preneur]


(ˌɪn trə prəˈnɜr, -ˈnʊər, -ˈnyʊər)

an employee of a corporation allowed to exercise some independent entrepreneurial initiative.
[1975–80; intra- + (entre)preneur]
in`tra•pre•neur′i•al, adj.
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Department of Health and Human Services and intrapreneur at the Veterans Health Administration, creating and directing programs in physician leadership development, medical technology assessment and Medicare Advantage.
In larger companies, you need to build consensus; if you are a smaller brand, operate like an intrapreneur.
While it's sometimes a fine line between entrepreneurial talent and sales talent, Harter says the fundamental difference is that an intrapreneur is adept at conceiving and implementing new ideas.
Table 1 Induced and Autonomous Corporate Entrepreneurship from the Scope of the Components of Entrepreneurial Orientation Dimensions of Autonomous CE Induced CE EO Innovativeness The idea spontaneously The intrapreneur only has comes to the the idea because the intrapreneur, according organization has created to the needs and a proper environment for circumstances he/she ideas to emerge, faces.
Using a risk-reward model, Egilinsky has made the business case and executed the strategies for explosive growth, establishing herself time and again as a high value Intrapreneur.
As a lifelong, enthusiastic intrapreneur I can happily confirm that first-hand.
Nearly one third of all respondents feel they have the freedom, flexibility and resources to be an intrapreneur, and slightly more Gen Y respondents feel that they have their management's support in becoming an intrapreneur.
And as I prepared my lecture notes it suddenly struck me that Gifford Pinchot's original description of the intrapreneur could just as easily describe the role of a Coleg Cymraeg lecturer: | An intrapreneur: a person with a specific goal to achieve - usually within three to 15 years .
The two day event will specially address the following challenges: How to channel intrapreneurial energy into our economies, How to develop the market-place for intrapreneurship, How to network with the emerging providers of intrapreneurship related services, How to network with investors, How to plan for early retirement and How to shift from an intrapreneur to successful businessmen and businesswomen, among other topics.
Participants will learn how to address the following challenges: how to channel intrapreneurial energy into economies, how to develop the market-place for intrapreneurship, how to network with the emerging providers of intrapreneurship related services, how to network with investors, how to plan for early retirement and how to shift from an intrapreneur to a successful businessmen and business women, among other topics.
Typically, an intrapreneur is a corporate entrepreneur, which allows entrepreneurship to occur in an existing organisation (Hisrich, 1990; Heinonen and Korvela, 2005), usually in large corporate settings (Thornberry, 2003).
In addition to the chapter work Creating the Intrapreneur also includes acknowledgments, an Introduction in which the writer points out In this age of road rage, and now desk rage, if you are employed, your safety is at risk.