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A person within a large corporation who takes direct responsibility for turning an idea into a profitable finished product through assertive risk taking and innovation.

[Blend of intra- and entrepreneur.]

in′tra·pre·neur′i·al adj.


relating to, being, or consisting of intrapreneurs
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She is the co-developer of several national and international award- winning entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial programs and has been a public relations researcher, analyst, consultant and implementer since 1973.
Lately, however, BSI owner Don Wooldridge and a small band of engineers and production staff have been working on a new intrapreneurial project that has strong implications for homeland security and Department of Defense initiatives.
Martin was involved in an intrapreneurial start up within National Semiconductor where he rose to Executive Vice President of the Information Systems Group, a member of the Board of Directors and President of National Advanced Systems (now Hitachi Data Systems).
Bell Atlantic's consumer telephone equipment is the result of its intrapreneurial program known as Champion.
Thinx software is the brainchild of Coppley, who developed it through Bell Atlantic's Champion Program, an intrapreneurial venture begun by Bell Atlantic in 1988 to encourage employees to conceive and market new products and services.
TSI Communications has represented hundreds of entrepreneurial start-ups as well as intrapreneurial blue-chip companies.
Established in 1983, TSI has represented hundreds of entrepreneurial start -ups and up-starts, as well as intrapreneurial "blue chip" companies.
Established in 1983, TSI has represented hundreds of entrepreneurial start-ups and up-starts, as well as intrapreneurial "blue chip" companies.
Think about it: how much entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial effort is being applied right now to the development of products and markets where there is no chance of making (directly or indirectly) at least enough monopoly rents to cover product and market development costs?
liberating the intrapreneurial spirit within both self and the business.
Drawing from conversations he had with these young people, Nandan details the personal, social, communication, and intrapreneurial skills they need, new definitions of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs, and their life and work attitudes.
That he takes this as a universal truth is highly debatable, given the successful record of intrapreneurial teams at some top companies.