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Existing or taking place within the mind or psyche: intrapsychic conflict.

in′tra·psy′chi·cal·ly adv.


(Psychology) psychol existing or occurring within the mind


(ˌɪn trəˈsaɪ kɪk)

existing or occurring within the mind or psyche.
in`tra•psy′chi•cal•ly, adv.
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In his formulation, at the intrapsychic level, the inner father resides at the center of the personality and operates as a metaphorical compass in the inner world, orienting the individual to an understanding of his/her need to belong and engage in meaningful and empathic relatedness with others.
Physicians should also be aware of the psychosocial and intrapsychic issues that psychotherapy may raise.
Having received some training, they are presumably somewhat less disposed to act out their intrapsychic conflicts with the charge.
The PSF can be defined as an intrapsychic precipitate of shocking life events or childhood hardship that has sensitized the individual for so-called congruent life events (CLEs), that is, events that possess a certain similarity--concrete or symbolical--to the original trauma.
Further, behavioral theorists are reluctant to attribute explanatory or causal status to mental or intrapsychic or other variables inherent to the individual as a cause of the individual's behavior (Skinner, 1974).
These dual goals leave us to question their compatibility, for it seems that elevation requires that desire disrupt the intrapsychic harmony.
While much of the relentless, even obsessive, pursuit of heterosexual gratification reckless of any consequences either to the women involved or to the dangers to themselves of venereal disease, may have been driven by intrapsychic fears about sexual identity, the male peer group doubtless played a part in establishing norms, and perhaps also generating an atmosphere of competition and rivalry over conquests.
Those who have homosexual contacts but, because of censorious social pressures, intrapsychic conflict, or both, are unable to accept that they are gay are also homosexual.
Classical psychoanalysis has primarily been interested in intrapsychic processes and drives, so that even when communication with external environmental objects became apparent it was considered secondary as in the concept of secondary gain.
Definitions and conceptualization of coping have spanned a wide range of views including: (a) coping as a personality trait or disposition versus coping as a situational-based or state-like effort; (b) coping strategies as inherently adaptive, reality-based, conscious, and purposive approaches versus coping or defense strategies as global, primarily intrapsychic reality-distorting, rigid, and maladaptive processes; and (c) the nature of the coping classification (e.
Incorporating Freud's controversial psychoanalytic views on hysteria which, simply put, consider repressed sexual trauma its source, Hopkins calls attention to the confluence of intrapsychic and political forces that results in sexual and political domination, specifically Aubrey's oppression of Dianthe.
When they do, a film can stimulate intrapsychic dialogue, facilitate intrapsychic reconciliation and foster intrapsychic community.