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Entry of foreign matter into a blood vessel.

[intra- + (extra)vasation.]


(Pathology) the passage of extraneous material, such as pus, into a blood or lymph vessel. Compare extravasation
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Noun1.intravasation - entry of foreign matter into a blood vessel
harm, hurt, injury, trauma - any physical damage to the body caused by violence or accident or fracture etc.
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Concerns include the rare theoretical risk of intravasation with subsequent allergic reaction or fat embolism.
The finding, which is now published online in Science Translational Medicine, found that neoadjuvant chemotherapy can increase a process known as intravasation, which may increase the chances of cancer cells metastasizing in some breast cancer patients.
We used contrast medium of 1-2 mL (iohexol 300 mg/mL) for both confirmation of the targeted nerve root and any intravasation of the medium.
As metastasis (formation of the secondary tumor at a distant site from their primary site) involves complex and sequential molecular mechanisms such as migration, invasion, intravasation, extravasation, and colonization, it is considered a serious impediment to the treatment of gastric cancer (Gupta & Massague 2006, Steeg 2006, Klein 2008).
In AUA cooperative study (Mebust et al 1989), TUR syndrome occurred in 2% of patient's TUR syndrome is an alteration in homeostasis produced by extravasation due to the perforation of capsule and intravasation due to the sucking in of irrigation fluid in the venous sinuses.
Furthermore, in the benign immortalized prostate cell line RWPE, recombinant SPINK1 increased invasiveness and intravasation, supporting the role of SPINK1 as an oncogene (35).
breast cancer) transformation, genetic change, growth angiogenesis, invasion, transportation, intravasation into blood or lymph vessel, circulation, arrest in 1st capillary bed of CNS organ (brain, leptomeninges), transportation inside brain, passage to arterial circulation, arrest in CNS capillary bed, extravasations, angiogenesis and growth.
Although the mechanism of degradation of extracellular matrix involved in tumor invasion and by default in circulation intravasation, extravasation and migration to metastatic sites [76] has been initially considered, recent data provide evidence of their complex role in creating an auspicious microenvironment for tumor growth in primary and metastatic sites [67].
This trauma results in intravasation of blood into the tunica albuginea with activation of fibrinogen.
Effects of Scrophularia extracts on tumor cell proliferation, death and intravasation through lymphoendothelial cell barriers.
Objective: Poor prognosis of cancer results from two central progression events, (i) the intravasation of cancer cells into blood vessels which leads to metastasis to distant organs and ultimately lethal tumor overload and (ii) cancer cell survival and adaptation to metabolic stress which causes resistance to anti-cancer therapy and limits life expectancy.
Reaming of the medullary canal has been shown to increase intramedullary pressure and causes intravasation of bone marrow and fat into the venous blood system.

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