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Within blood vessels or a blood vessel.

in′tra·vas′cu·lar·ly adv.


(Anatomy) anatomy within the blood vascular system
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2008) found that hypothermia decreased postischemic edema in an analysis of 18 human patients cooled intravascularly for 12 or 24 hours to 33[degrees]C, with a 12-hour controlled rewarming period (p < .
It involves the process of synthesis, secretion and catabolism intravascularly.
If iodinated contrast is absorbed into the bloodstream, the risk of an allergic-like contrast reaction can be just as significant and severe as if the iodinated contrast were administered directly intravascularly.
If you can see it above the level of the clavicle, that means the patient is intravascularly volume overloaded, and .
Development continues within the lungs, from where the fluke travels intravascularly to splanchnic organs.
Thus the catechins found in the brain were located intracellularly or interstitially and not intravascularly.
Colloids are made up of larger molecules and are primarily distributed intravascularly.
Up to 10% of epidural catheters may be initially inserted intravascularly, with up to 1% going undetected (1).
The drug may be injected into the myometrium--5 mg is added to 20 ml saline and 2 ml injected into various sites in the myometrium, being careful not to inject intravascularly.
Our results indicating that the odds of dying are decreased by [approximately equal to] 50% for those whose tails were amputated suggest that saliva and VEEV are deposited both intravascularly and extravascularly.
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