intravenous feeding

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Noun1.intravenous feeding - administration of nutrients through a vein
alimentation, feeding - the act of supplying food and nourishment
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However, this option leaves the baby dependent on intravenous feeding and at risk for liver damage from subsequent intravenous nutrition.
Dr Mark Bonar, 38, should have allowed the terminally ill woman to have end-of-life care but instead gave her false hope of recovery by offering a form of potentially dangerous intravenous feeding, it was claimed.
Food and Drug Administration today approved Clinolipid (lipid injectable emulsion, USP) for intravenous feeding (parenteral nutrition) in adult patients, providing a source of calories and essential fatty acids for adult patients who are unable to eat or drink.
Developed by the Regional Medical Physics Department and Special Care Baby Unit at Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, the new neonatal device aims to increase the accuracy and reliability of positioning tips of intravenous feeding tubes to give babies medication and food.
She received more than 55 patents in her 33-year ARS career, including one for developing a fat emulsion that could be used in intravenous feeding of patients.
It tells the moving and poignant story of a Canadian woman who made medical history as the first person to live long-term strictly on intravenous feeding without eating any food.
Amgen says patients suffering from the debilitating mouth sores may require longer hospitalization, high doses of narcotics such as morphine, and intravenous feeding to receive nutrition and maintain hydration.
He said: 'Her new bowel is working sufficiently well for her to be taken off intravenous feeding 17 days after the transplant.
Beltre remains 18 pounds under his playing weight of 216 and he's been on a diet of clear liquids and intravenous feeding.
They don't have the co-ordination to suck, swallow and breathe at the same time, so they need intravenous feeding.
Some SBS patients require the use of chronic PN or intravenous feeding to supplement and stabilize their nutritional needs.

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