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(ĕn-trĕnch′) also in·trench (ĭn-)
v. en·trenched, en·trench·ing, en·trench·es also in·trenched or in·trench·ing or in·trench·es
1. To provide with a trench, especially for the purpose of fortifying or defending.
2. To fix firmly or securely: "Today managed care plans are entrenched in the economy, enrolling 61 percent of the population" (Peter T. Kilborn).
1. To dig or occupy a trench.
2. To encroach, infringe, or trespass.

en·trench′ment n.
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The music was dying away along the street, and its dismal strains were mingled with the knell of midnight from the steeple of the Old South, and with the roar of artillery, which announced that the beleaguering army of Washington had intrenched itself upon a nearer height than before.
He had promptly intrenched himself behind a large chair, as if to avoid the first attacks of Madame de Saint-Remy; he had no hopes of prevailing with words, for she spoke louder than he, and without stopping; but he reckoned upon the eloquence of his gestures.
The things which the Stygian darkness hid from my objective eye could not have been half so wonderful as the pictures which my imagination wrought as it conjured to life again the ancient peoples of this dying world and set them once more to the labours, the intrigues, the mysteries and the cruelties which they had practised to make their last stand against the swarming hordes of the dead sea bottoms that had driven them step by step to the uttermost pinnacle of the world where they were now intrenched behind an impenetrable barrier of superstition.
But you keep yourself intrenched in a pretended which paralyzes me.