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Resolutely courageous; fearless. See Synonyms at brave.

[Latin intrepidus : in-, not; see in-1 + trepidus, alarmed.]

in′tre·pid′i·ty (-trə-pĭd′ĭ-tē), in·trep′id·ness n.
in·trep′id·ly adv.
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Adv.1.intrepidly - without fear; "fearlessly, he led the troops into combat"
بِشَجاعَه، بِبَسالَه، بِجَسارَه
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[ɪnˈtrepɪdlɪ] ADVintrépidamente


(inˈtrepid) adjective
bold and fearless. an intrepid explorer.
inˈtrepidly adverb
ˌintreˈpidity (-ˈpi-) noun
References in classic literature ?
Every one knows the fine story of Perseus and Andromeda; how the lovely Andromeda, the daughter of a king, was tied to a rock on the sea-coast, and as Leviathan was in the very act of carrying her off, Perseus, the prince of whalemen, intrepidly advancing, harpooned the monster, and delivered and married the maid.
There were signs that it was an exquisite relief to her to hear the impatient exclamation, though she had resolved so intrepidly to let generosity make one bid against herself.
He sometimes preached Jehan very long and severe sermons, which the latter intrepidly endured.
Mayors have been knighted for 'going up' with addresses: explosive machines intrepidly discharging shot and shell into the English Grammar.
As the ashram is part of the Rajaji National Park, elephants, leopards and other wild animals intrepidly roam around here.
Now, we must assert openly and intrepidly that Erdoy-an alone has long been the greatest-ever problem for Turkish democracy and rule of law.
While party boats out of Rhode Island intrepidly continued to go out at every opportunity for cod and hake, ice fishermen on the Cape Cod trout ponds were frustratingly being sabotaged.
The Confessionals are considered the poets who reinvented the "I" in poetry, and many creative writing classrooms are still stuck in the deep ruts that these wheels slogged through so intrepidly.
Having pursued a line of inquiry so intrepidly for years, Hewitt continued these endeavors and slightly expanded upon them in her first exhibition at Sikkema Jenkins & Co.
After our third move we decided to intrepidly seek out a new spot to begin the birthday BBQ.
Sevier intrepidly applied deliberate and controlled violence on the Chickamauga without hesitation while assuming calculated risk using a simple plan, thus, achieving audacity.