intrinsic factor

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intrinsic factor

A glycoprotein that is secreted by the gastric mucous membrane and is essential for the absorption of vitamin B12 in the intestines.

intrinsic factor

(Biochemistry) biochem a glycoprotein, secreted by the stomach, the presence of which is necessary for the absorption of cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12) in the intestine

intrin′sic fac`tor

a gastric glycoprotein involved in the absorption of vitamin B12.
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Noun1.intrinsic factor - a substance produced by the mucosa of the stomach and intestines that is essential for the absorption of vitamin B12; "lack of intrinsic factor can result in pernicious anemia"
factor - anything that contributes causally to a result; "a number of factors determined the outcome"

in·trin·sic fac·tor

n. factor intrínseco, proteína normalmente presente en el jugo gástrico humano.
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Questionnaire items were worded using language for instrument development based on Deci and Ryan's (1985) extrinsic and intrinsic factors of self-determination motivation and Bandura's (1997) self-efficacy motivation.
The test currently used to identify any Intrinsic Factor Antibodies is the Competitive Binding Luminescence Assay and it's woefully inadequate to the extent that the new Guidelines suggest that if the test for the IF antibody is positive then the patient will have Pernicious Anaemia; however, if the test is negative for the antibody and the patient has the symptoms of the disease then he or she should be diagnosed as having Negative Intrinsic Factor Antibody Pernicious Anaemia.
12] malabsorption due to intrinsic factor deficiency in Indian subjects.
This belief is still being propagated, as this quote from an article published recently attests: "Pernicious anemia is caused by inadequate secretion of gastric intrinsic factor necessary for vitamin [B.
The loss of intrinsic factor caused by autoimmune atrophic gastritis ("pernicious anemia") is one of the most frequent causes of severe vitamin B12 deficiency [5, 6].
1-3 The deficiency of Vitamin B12 occurs because of reduced dietary intake or impaired absorption due to lack of intrinsic factor as a result of gastric atrophy which is considered quite common in adults or as congenital hereditary autoimmune disorder.
They found that academicians those who are not satisfied with intrinsic factors are likely to leave their jobs so economic resources do not make reason to continue or leave the job.
This is my favourite session of the week without doubt, you can see week in week out the benefits that this session gives to the kids, participation in sport is an important part of their lives and is an intrinsic factor in helping to raise their confidence, whilst having fun," said Collins.
This is definitely an intrinsic factor which drives students to perceive their potential teaching abilities.
The existing team and environment was an intrinsic factor for 15.
6 per cent felt that their existing team and environment was an intrinsic factor