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The movement or spread of alleles of one species into the gene pool of another through repeated backcrossing of interspecific hybrids with members of one of the parental species.

[From Latin intrōgressus, past participle of intrōgredī, to step in : intrō-, intro- + gradī, to step; see ghredh- in Indo-European roots.]

in′tro·gres′sive (-grĕs′ĭv) adj.


(Genetics) the introduction of genes from the gene pool of one species into that of another during hybridization
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Introgression refers to movement of genes from one population into another.
Hybridization and subsequent gene flow and introgression in
The site's North American cotton trait introgression work also supports Bayer CropScience's cotton seed business development in South America and Africa.
James Bing, a Global Trait Introgression Leader at Dow AgroSciences, and Johannah Barry, President of the Galapagos Conservancy, will be adding to our science conversation.
Washington, July 3 ( ANI ): A new study has found that the altitude adaptation in Tibet might have been caused by the introgression of DNA from extinct Denisovans or Denisovan-related individuals into humans.
The second part discusses an assortment of topics, including symbiogenesis, cognitive ecology, genetic draft, genomic conflict, avian evolutionary genomics, elevational gradients, cytonuclear genomic interactions, molecular phylogenetics of Australian flora, introgression of crop alleles, facilitation, assisted gene flow, the genus Spartina, diversification on islands, mate choice, thermal ecology, diversity and competition, ecosystem collapse in the face of climate change, conservation biology, forest lepidoptera, biomass distribution of forests, and symbiont transmission.
lepida, while that in the Nueces River represents introgression of mtDNA from a lineage resembling C.
Alternatively, the OTU M misoolensis I could be a result of past introgression from M flavipinnis, (which is common between rainbowfishes, Unmack et al.
This allele could have been transferred from wild barley to existing landraces by introgression, but independent domestication of the non-responsive wild Iranian barley is more likely in view of the distinctive SSR genotypes of the non-responsive European landraces, which suggest that these are not directly related to the responsive landraces (H.
First, it is possible that variety E1291 had some superior genes adapted to the cold semi-arid conditions as a result of gene introgression by breeders [15, 16].
The effects of naturalized species crossing with native species are not entirely known, although these hybrids have the potential to threaten native biodiversity due to the effects of outbreeding depression and introgression (Bleeker et al.
As the introgression of genome-scale analyses proceeds rapidly and inexorably into contemporary patient care and pathology practice, the career opportunities for this new type of trainee will increase considerably, and new patient-care niches will be created.