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An unconscious defense mechanism in which one incorporates characteristics of another person or object into one's own psyche.

[German Introjektion : Latin intrō-, intro- + Latin -iectiō, -iectiōn-, throwing (from iactus, past participle of iacere, to throw; see inject).]

in′tro·ject′ v.


(Psychology) psychol the act or process of introjecting
[C20: from intro- + (pro)jection]
ˌintroˈjective adj


(ˌɪn trəˈdʒɛk ʃən)

an unconscious psychic process by which a person incorporates into his or her own psychic apparatus the characteristics of another person or object.
[1916; < German]
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Noun1.introjection - (psychoanalysis) the internalization of the parent figures and their values; leads to the formation of the superego
depth psychology, psychoanalysis, analysis - a set of techniques for exploring underlying motives and a method of treating various mental disorders; based on the theories of Sigmund Freud; "his physician recommended psychoanalysis"
internalisation, internalization, incorporation - learning (of values or attitudes etc.) that is incorporated within yourself
2.introjection - (psychology) unconscious internalization of aspects of the world (especially aspects of persons) within the self in such a way that the internalized representation takes over the psychological functions of the external objects
internalisation, internalization, incorporation - learning (of values or attitudes etc.) that is incorporated within yourself
psychological science, psychology - the science of mental life
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His is accordingly a futile dream of the successful introjection of both himself and a living woman--a dream of erasing her otherness by means of a purifying and simplifying death.
A closing introjection, circumscribed by what the author indicates is a coffee ring and superimposed on the final page of prose reads, "YOU HAVE FALLEN INTO ART--RETURN TO LIFE.
In the former case, it is the brand name of commodity culture, while in the latter it is the sublime name of High Art's aesthetic introjection.
PERLS, FS; HEFFERLINE, RE & GOODMAN, P 1951: Introjection.
This is death by unintended breach, death by introjection.
In a traumatic encounter, however, the introjection of stimulus into the psychic system bypasses the ego and consciousness, installing memory of the event without the event's ever having been experienced:
Univariate analysis showed statistically significant differences between abused children and controls in their use of a range of defense mechanisms, including regression, denial, projection, reaction formation, introjection, sublimation, and repression.
While a loving, close bond fosters identification with the father, the process of introjection occurs regardless of whether the paternal relationship is positive or negative.
The place of Rufus and his suicide in the psychology of the characters (and in the text itself) brings to mind Nicolas Abraham and Maria Torok's notion of the crypt, which builds upon their work on introjection and incorporation.
Identification (labeling) and introjection of others' values may contribute in large measure to the distrust one has of one's own experiencing as a guide to valuing.
This is to be expected for three of the four ASRQ subscales (identifying, introjection, and external), which actually measure the lesser forms of autonomy, and for three of the four Academic Coping Inventory subscales (anxiety, projection, and denial), which are construed to be less functional defense mechanisms.
11, 12) explore the role of empathy (Lipps), together with the associated concepts of transposition (Dilthey), divination (Schleiermacher), and introjection (Avenarius), as these are appropriated and transformed by Husserl.